If you’re running a ‘spiritual’ business and believe LinkedIn, networking and promotion aren’t for you, we need to have a talk. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working with crystals, Reiki or oracle cards… you still need to attract clients and pay your bills.

IF I hear one more ‘mind, body, spirit’ practitioner or therapist tell me LinkedIn isn’t for them, because it’s for ‘proper’ businesses, I think I’ll scream.

I promise I’ll pick up some sage and smudge all around my desk afterwards, but scream I will.

Seriously. This is getting ridiculous.

I’ve heard it cited more than once that ‘mind, body, spirit’ is the fastest growing business sector, and yet too many of you are utterly blocked when it comes to seeing yourselves as business people.

We’re only just getting beyond that old bullshit mindset that leaves too many people believing they shouldn’t be charging for ‘healing’ (let’s leave that one for another time, or I’ll be ranting for hours), and now we’ve fallen into this bizarre space where we think our businesses don’t fit into a place created for businesses.

Or — worse still — we don’t need to market ourselves, because we can just trust the universe to energetically pull those who need our services into our special, spiritual sphere.

I’ve already used the word ‘bullshit’ once already, right? It’s probably too early in the article to use it again so soon.

Spiritual business

For those of you who don’t know, though you might have discovered me under the heading of ‘business coach’, or been directed to me as someone who works with businesses to build their message, personal brand, visibility and audience, I consider myself to be deeply spiritual.

Yep, really.

Although I have plenty of tools and techniques to help you build your business and brand, everything I do comes right back to the source of all things. It’s why authenticity and transparency are so important to me. It’s why you’ll often find a drum, rattle and altar kit in the back of my car. It’s why I really do smudge my working space regularly. If you thought I was taking the piss earlier, you’re forgiven… though you might want to work on your preconceptions and judgment a little bit.

When I’m not coaching clients, running empowerment workshops, writing books or delivering motivational business speaking, chances are you’ll find me sitting in a circle, walking in woodland or connecting with my guides through shamanic journeying. Shamanism is ‘home’ for me, and the connection to the spirits I work with really does drive everything I do — including my ‘business’.

I like to believe you’ve been guided to this article for a reason. See? I believe in manifestation and the law of attraction too, it’s just that I also believe in a degree of practical application.

In fact, I like to believe you’ve been guided to this article for a reason. See? I believe in manifestation and the law of attraction too, it’s just that I also believe in a degree of practical application.

I can chant, journey, meditate and do ceremony all I like, but in a ‘plastic’ world full of ‘Fakebook’ and marketing spin, I also know I need to get my message out there using every method available to me — including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Medium, my website, blogs, podcasts, newspaper and magazine coverage, radio, TV, books, business networking and anything else that helps me move closer to my mission.

What if balance starts with us?

Has it ever struck you that maybe, just maybe, social media feels so ‘fake’ because too many of us are steering clear?

Maybe, if we want to create more balance in the world and bring more authenticity into the pot, we need to take off our blinkers, pull our heads out of our root chakras and start making a difference by showing up, in all our grounded, connected glory. Or humility, if that feels more spiritual to you.

For almost a decade, I’ve been operating as a shamanic and spiritual empowerment teacher. I’m a published author of at least one really ‘woo woo’ book (check out Whispers From The Earth if you haven’t already — and there’s another one coming soon). I’ve presented more than once at Pagan Pride, The UK Shamanic Gathering, ParaCon and various smaller spiritual and mediumistic-centred groups across the country, and I’ve taught really woo woo stuff overseas.

I do everything many of you probably do in order to attract the people who need / want /are ready for the teachings I carry — I meditate and ‘see’ people coming into my events, I set intentions, I use mantras, I ask spirit and the universe to support me in doing my work… and I use marketing. I use marketing a lot.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do ‘spin’ and I’m really careful to keep things as genuine and heart-centred as I possibly can, but I really, really work those social media channels hard, and I grab every PR opportunity available to me.

Know what happens then? People find me.

Very often, when I’m opening a new workshop, or doing the first talking stick round of a new circle, I’ll ask people what brought them to me. Nine times out of ten, I kept ‘popping up’ on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter or LinkedIn, or they saw me in a magazine, or picked up one of my books at ‘just the right time’.

Now, whether you want to believe that’s all down to algorithms, or stop separating the wonders of the internet and the modern world from the rest of our spiritual existence and accept that things line up for us there too, is entirely your choice.

Too many of us are entirely missing the point by seeing ourselves as ‘too spiritual’ for social media and marketing.

For me, though, as someone who practices spirituality on a daily basis AND has a foot in the world of business, too many of us are entirely missing the point by seeing ourselves as ‘too spiritual’ for social media and marketing.

I see so many people operating under the umbrellas of ‘therapy’, ‘coaching’ or ‘mind, body, spirit’ who are incredibly gifted, who are able to help and serve so many people, and yet packing away their Vista Print cards and going back to a 9–5 job because they can’t make their businesses work.

Just as many are trying to operate in the evenings, or alongside a part-time job, and never manage to build their cashflow enough to commit themselves fully to the work they’re being called to do.

Time to change gears

There *is* enough work — I honestly believe that. But many of you will need to really switch your mindset in order to make things happen.

You need to look at your charging structures, you need to look at your marketing and you really, really need to look at your core message, identify your target audience, and then work on your confidence, self-belief and personal brand. And then, you need to get visible and use all those opportunities we have to be heard and seen.

It doesn’t matter how many times you say your mantras mirror or make prayer bundles, you cannot be a secret and a success at the same time..

It doesn’t matter how many times you say your mantras in front of the mirror or make prayer bundles, you cannot be a secret and a success at the same time, and your potential client base will not be able to hire you — or pay you — if they don’t know you exist.

It’s almost 2019, people. The world has changed. People are looking for help and support in different places.

How will they find you?

If someone needs the help you provide, do you really believe they’re going to ask to be guided to the right therapist in a dream, or are they more likely to search on Google or hop onto Facebook and ask for recommendations?

Only this morning, I was talking to a wonderful reflexologist I know. I was going to tag her in a relevant LinkedIn post on this morning — a post that would have brought positive attention to the amazing service she offers. Guess what? She wasn’t there.

I messaged her on Facebook and asked why she wasn’t on LinkedIn, and guess what she said… “It’s aimed at business professionals, isn’t it? Isn’t reflexology too woo woo?”

No! It isn’t!

Do you know anyone in business who likes to indulge in the odd reflexology treatment?

Do you know anyone in business who likes to get a massage?





Know anyone with a job who’s ever paid for a reading? Been to a gong bath? Swears by homeopathy? Meditates?

Yeah. I bet you do. We ALL do!

People in business WANT your services.

Your services ARE your BUSINESS.

Get out there and put yourself where your clients are and where people will be looking for you.

Get out there and talk about what you do, about your beliefs, about the training you’ve done, about how your products and services help people. And yes, I know you need to be careful. Advertising Standards. Nightingale Collaboration. I know.

Operate within the rules. Stop running away from your potential to build a profitable business AND live your soul mission fully. Get visible. Let people see you so that you can serve them.

The old ones are the best — and this one’s ridiculously relevant!

There’s an old joke that goes something like this:

There’s a guy marooned on a desert island and every day he prays to God to be rescued.

One day, a boat sails past and offers to give the guy a lift back to civilisation; the man refuses, saying “No, thank you, but I’m waiting for God to save me.”

The next day, a submarine turns us, but the man declines help for the same reason.

A day later, a helicopter flies overhead and sends down a ladder. Again, the shipwrecked man refuses help because he’s waiting for God’s intervention.

Time passes and eventually, weak and frustrated, the man balls up his fists and yells into the sky: “Why have you forsaken me, God? I have been your humble servant and I have waited for you to rescue me. Why have you failed me?”

There’s a rumble of thunder and the clouds separate. God appears, in all his/her glory (delete as you feel appropriate) and booms out: “FORSAKEN YOU, CHILD? I SENT YOU A BOAT, A SUBMARINE AND A HELICOPTER!”

Maybe we’ve been sent social media and marketing opportunities too!

Until next time,