I WAS running a workshop recently – part of my 13-month empowerment programme for people who really want to rediscover their personal truth and get back to what’s important.

My delegates and I were at a retreat centre, spending lots of time outdoors, and it was kinda muddy!

On the first day, on of my tribe looked at me and said: “Jeez, Taz… even when you’re off camera and in the middle of a field, you’re still wearing your brand colours!”

Yep, and that’s the point. She recognised just the colours I was wearing as being part of my brand, and she’s right – most of the time, even when I’m ‘off duty’ I fit the personal brand I’ve created.

Hey! I know you!

When other business people get their noses all out of joint about me being recognised in the street and at other people’s events, this is why. It’s because I’ve created a strong personal brand and because I’m consistent.

Guess what? Anyone can do that! Yes, even YOU!

Personal brand doesn’t have to be a logo, it’s not just about the clothes you wear or a hairstyle or your business cards.

It’s your truth

Personal brand is an identity. It’s an energy. It’s a how we present the truth of who we are to the world, and it’s one way to build trust.

The two most important factors in getting recognised? Brand and consistency. Be you. Show up.



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