I KEEP hearing people saying they’re staying away from social media because it’s too distracting. 

NEWSFLASH: It’s not the social channels that are distracting… it’s the way you’re interacting with them.

People… you need to leash your squirrels!

Here’s how I’ve made it work for me… seven quick tips that might just work for you too:


You need to stop being distracted and start getting proactive…

If you’re just starting out, concentrate on one channel at a time (Facebook or LinkedIn, maybe) and make it your own. Think of it as exploring a new place – find out where all the hidden gems are, get to know it like the back of your hand and keep interacting, sharing and being of use until all the locals know you.

When it feels easy and you know you can keep hanging out there and being recognised, maybe start exploring in a few new places as well, following the same methodology.


At first, stick to your own business. Sure, keep an eye on what’s going on in the wider world but, predominantly, concentrate on your own feeds.

Spend time on your own content, on engaging with and encouraging your own audience. Stop being distracted by what others might be doing, getting all mushy over kitten pics or checking to see which Game Of Thrones character you’re most like. Grow and nurture your own audience.

That’s all you need to be concerned with at first.


Step away from drama and politics. Keep it clean. If you know your audience hangs out in a particular group, but it’s full of bun fights, stop worrying about other people’s crazy updates and start posting your own in there.

Groups are created by lots of people engaging… if you don’t like the content others are providing, create and post your own. You don’t need to be the sheriff, but you can still do your bit to clean up the town AND reach your audience.

You don’t need to get the hell out of Dodge… you just need to provide alternative topics to generate the kind of experience your audience will appreciate.


If people don’t engage with you right away, don’t complain and don’t give up. It takes time for the locals (your audience) to notice you and fall in love with you. Lots of tiny gestures, consistently offered, go much further than big, sweeping gestures. You’re aiming for long lasting relationships, not one night stands.


Don’t be distracted by your own business offerings either – be a human being. Be interesting. Advise. Entertain. Be an expert. Be useful. Be friendly. Make people want to find out more.

Ever been to a trade show? Be the virtual version of that stand people are queueing to get onto, not the one with a bored/overly stressed team thrusting leaflets at people as they attempt to walk past. Get it?


When you’ve created enough interest, have enough of a tribe, you might even want to create your own groups.

Imagine that? Your audience coming to YOU? Creating an online space where people actively want to hang out and enjoy the vibe you’ve created?

By this stage, it doesn’t matter how busy you perceive the massive world of social media to be… you’ve created your own safe space AND a demand for it. Your pages. Your groups.

Everything flips the other way… it’s your world now – you’re attracting the tourists. You might want to take the occasional trip to the rest of social media, but your prime go to locations – for you AND your audience – are your own.

Beware though… it takes consistent effort to get to this point, and you’ll need to keep creating good, engaging content to keep people coming back.


This is your bonus tip…

You ready?

If you don’t understand Snapchat, don’t worry. Most other grown ups don’t get it either. 😄



That’s it. Keep that squirrel on a leash. Stop making excuses. Clean up Dodge and aim for a tribe of your own that’ll hang out in the places you create.

Dump the stress and have fun with it … that’s one of many reasons people’ll want to come to your party.




PS: if you’re still really, really stuck on social, there are some awesome people who can help. I teach you how to get confident and visible, how to stand out, how to get your messages right, how to present like a pro, how to generate positive PR, and, sure, social media comes into that, but I stopped specifically training people in social media a long time ago… I’m more big picture now 🙂.

If you want specific social media support, drop me a line – I’ll be happy to recommend some people I know and trust.

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