I seem to have broken Edgerank again! Statistically, Facebook’s algorithm shares a business page post with approximately 16% of its fanbase, and one of my missions in life is to help small businesses understand how to smash that AND grow their audience.

On Thursday afternoon I recorded a quick off-the-cuff video that essentially cut ordinary Facebook marketing advice off at the knees. It’s 4 minutes long – so a bit lengthier than we’d usually advise for a video. (You can find a YouTube link on the the previous blog)

I only had 842 page fans on my relatively new Taz Thornton business page (www.facebook.com/TazThorntonOfficial). You might say the odds were stacked against my post being seen!

This morning, the video has had 4,700 views (that’s views, not reach – that’s *much* higher), my page fans have leapt to 903, I’ve had lots of useful friend requests,
I don’t know how many new followers on my personal page, loads of really amazing comments that could be used as testimonials, newsletter sign ups and two motivational speaking invites.

How? Good content, strategic sharing and one single £3 boost. Three quid. Seriously!

If anyone’s free this Wednesday, I’ve been booked by women’s business development group She Enjoys to deliver some of this knowledge to SMEs in an interactive seminar. I’ll be doing my level best to show delegates how to do this for their own businesses. The best news? Because it’s for She-Enjoys, the tickets are subsidised – just £87 for a whole day… and I *think* there might be a few places still available.

Come along if you can. It’s a great opportunity and nobody else is teaching this magic in the same way I am. Simple, down to earth, no bullshit practical advice. It’s turning standard marketing on its head. And it works!

Book here: http://www.she-enjoys.co.uk/calendar/61/23-EXPERT-EDUCATION-DAY-Stuck-for-Words.html

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