TV talk shows usually showcase celebrities talking about their latest movie, album or TV project. It’s rare to find something that breaks the mould and touches the topics most steer away from.

Coach, author and presenter Taz Thornton wanted to talk about the real issues. She knew people needed mental health support, and recognised the power of relatability. What if some of those stars of the stage and screen were willing to open up about their own mindset challenges, AND share their journey back to wholeness. Wouldn’t that give people hope? Seeing the very people they look up to – whose lives they assumed were perfect – sharing their vulnerabilities and advice?

Taz was not alone in her beliefs and in her wish to create something positive. A whole host of celebrities agreed to share their stories and TazTalks was born.

This isn’t like Parkinson, Norton or even Wossy. It’s real. It’s raw.
It’s designed to motivate, inspire and support, instead of selling faux glitz and glamour.

Taz launched this groundbreaking series during the UK coronavirus lockdown. Initially, the show was going to be filmed on location, with celebrity guests opening up about their own mental health challenges and sharing advice on how to pull ourselves up and create a more positive mindset.

When the Covid-19 isolation was announced, Taz very quickly realised people would need that advice, support and relatability as soon as possible, so set about creating a series of online, socially-distanced interviews instead.

The show, as you might expect from the Pink Powerhouse, was a huge success – celebrity guests gave their time for free and the show attracted awesome media attention – some of the clips were even featured on BBC.

Here are some of our favourite episodes. They’re not to be missed.

Enjoy and remember to let us know what you think.

TazTalks Mental Health With… Chizzy Akudolu

In the midseason finale episode of #TazTalks, Taz catches up with actor and writer, Chizzy Akudolu – you probably know her best as consultant cardiothoracic surgeon Mo Effanga in Holby City, or from her stint on Strictly Come Dancing.

Click HERE to watch.

TazTalks Mental Health With… Alex Reid

In this episode of #TazTalks Taz gets deep into philosophy and spirituality with actor, presenter, MMA fighter and Celebrity Big Brother champ, Alex Reid.

Click HERE to watch.

TazTalks Mental Health With… Catherine Russell

In this episode of #TazTalks, Taz chats with actor Catherine Russell (perhaps best known as Serena Campbell in Holby City) about panic attacks, cooking, gardening, nuns and making lists!

Click HERE to watch. 

TazTalks Mental Health With… Chris Packham

In this episode, Taz catches up  with TV presenter, author, naturalist and campaigner, Chris Packham. They discuss  Aspergers, depression, coronavirus and the state of our planet.

Click HERE to watch.

TazTalks Mental Health with… Heather Peace

In this episode, Taz catches up with singer-songwriter, Heather Peace. An actress and LGBT+ campaigner, you’ll know Heather from Waterloo Road, Lip Service, London’s Burning and more.

Click HERE to watch.

TazTalks Mental Health With… Tanni Grey-Thompson

Taz catches up with Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson about lockdown, mental health and disability rights, as well as looking back to her days as a gold medal winning paralympic athlete.

Click HERE to watch.

TazTalks Mental Health with… Tanya Bardsley

Taz reconnects with Real Housewives Of Cheshire star, Tanya Bardsley, to chat mental health and positivity. The first pair met when Taz appeared as Tanya’s coach and firewalk instructor on an episode of Tanya’s Extreme Therapies.

Click HERE to watch.

TazTalks Mental Health with… Caprice

This was the launch episode of #TazTalks. Taz and Caprice Bourret open up about everything from depression and trolling to running successful businesses. Taz and Caprice met in person, just before lockdown, when they both spoke about their own mental health struggles at the MIBA awards event.

Click HERE to watch.


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