Testimonials from those who’ve seen Taz in action:


(You’ll find many of the testimonials here as recommendations on Taz’s LinkedIn profile. Click HERE to read more on LinkedIn or click the names to go straight to the recommender’s profile – feel free to ask them direct – we’re confident they’ll provide glowing reviews!)

“The most exciting speaker in the UK.”
– Kent Business Radio

“An absolute powerhouse. EXCEPTIONAL. 10/10 – proper fired me up. I would field Taz on any UK stage.”
Brad Burton, UK’s #1 Motivational Business Speaker, Amazon’s highest rated business author, 4Networking Founder

“I would wholeheartedly recommend Taz. Post-event feedback has been VERY positive and we would love to welcome her back to a future event.”
Thomas Parrot, BeachBody UK

”Taz is one of the best speakers I’ve seen. She is motivational, inspirational and very, very real.”

Claire Russell, CEO Mental Health In Business

“Taz is enthusiastic, energetic, speaks with ease and passion and is truly an incredible woman.”

Leona Burton, CEO at MIB International

“Dynamic, knowledgeable, refreshingly honest, challenging, passionate, high energy, witty, funny and insightful. Taz is like Tony Robbins with pink hair!”
Phil Crowshaw, Founder, Geeky Group & Experts Online

“In a world filled with ‘motivational’ speakers it’s good to happen across one of the good ones. I’ve known about Taz through her online presence for a while now and ended up by chance at one of her speaking gigs at a networking event. There’s a plain spoken honesty about Taz. She doesn’t big herself up as ‘aspirational’, Taz takes you for a walk along from what was literally the car crash of her life to the awesome person she is today. Unafraid or unashamed to let you see the journey how it was, not just the sanitised highlights. A genuine and inspiring person.”
John Davies, Production Director, Black Fire Films

“I heard Taz speak at a Marketing Event in Milan and I really loved her talk. It was inspiring because you felt it was true. She inspired me to go back at my startup and really put my face in it. Great speaker, great energy and great content!”
Chiara Gomiselli, CEO and Founder, OperatoriSalute.it

“The Pink Power House of public speaking is Taz Thornton, always engaging on tough topics in business and life. Taz will hold your attention and give you valuable life lessons and the inspiration to change. I would highly recommend for you to see Taz speak; I have sat through 14 different speakers in the last 28 years of business and she’s the only one I have chosen to pay and see more than 3 times in 12 months.”
Linda Reynolds, Personal Travel Agent, Midcounties Co-Operative

“I was instantly impressed with this dynamic woman. Taz proved excellent to work with and on the day she delivered a very stimulating, thought provoking and entertaining presentation… Feedback from the delegates was most complimentary and she was in much demand following the event. I would thoroughly recommend her to others.”
Isabel Martinson MBE, Former Chief Executive, The Giftware Association

“I absolutely love hearing Taz speak, I have heard many people speak over the course of my career and Taz’s no nonsense, honest and engaging approach really hits the mark. She will challenge and inspire you in equal measures.”
Jonathan Smith, Chalk Farm Financial Planning

“The main thing I like about hearing Taz speak is the fact she talks from the heart but in a way that is easy to relate to and make sense of. Not many people have the same experiences but to hear how she has overcome the most difficult of times, both health wise and emotionally is a real inspiration. Her message is always loud and clear, if you don’t like something it’s down to you – change it! She’s a wonderful and powerful speaker, humorous and genuine and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Taz to anyone needing motivating to action.”
AnneMarie Gilbert, Creative Services Director, Grafixbiz

“Taz is great to watch and listen to. She talks from the heart and keeps the audience enthralled the whole time. She interacts with her audience and makes them feel part of the story whilst at the same time educating and empowering. I spent just an hour in her presence and already have been motivated to make positive changes in my life I never even thought of.”
Lynette Watson, Formerly Business Development Manager, Lynford Hall Hotel Ltd

“Wow I discovered this amazing lady at a business show giving an inspirational speech. Taz truly spoke from the heart and connected with everyone within the room. She certainly inspired me and I’m sure will inspire you once you have heard her. ”
Amy Crowson, business owner

“Taz Thornton is one of those people who just makes you want to do everything you can to unleash your awesome. Her story is remarkable and inspirational and she gets it across in a way that makes you want to listen and to know more. She encouraged me to believe in myself and she will encourage you. The very best speakers have that certain undefinable something about them. Taz Thornton is one.”
Martin ‘The Warrior’ Warrillow, journalist, speaker and stroke educator

“All I can say, is that I will never set my goals in quite the same way again. You gotta see this lady speak!”
Gareth Howell, Business Continuity UK


“Taz has an incredible gift of seeing past all the BS that you hold onto, straight to your real potential. I strongly believe that her guidance has helped me achieve more in a few months than whatI would have been able to do on my own.”
Ilze Lee, business owner

“I had a very wary vibe around the word ‘coach’ for a long time. I had no idea why anyone would pay money to someone to talk to them about how best to move forward with your business when you can get the info on google or grab coffee with someone for free. And anything deeper required a ‘proper’ counsellor, right?

“Oh how wrong was I!

“I got to know Taz a while back and have followed her content for a long time. I got so much value (all free) and she was always there with some advice if I needed her. Always crazy fun and friendly, she put me so at ease with the world of coaching that it seemed insane not to turn to her when I needed some guidance and support in starting my new business.

“I just knew she was the right person to help me and reading her book (‘Unleash your Awesome’) proved that I was right – it made such an impact at a time when I really needed it.

“Our sessions are relaxed but highly focussed on the next steps needed to really take my business and myself to the next level and giving me the tools I need to do that. Taz has shown me that the world needs to know about That Beautiful Mind, as the impact and positive change it can make to those with Autism and special needs (and their families) is HUGE.

“Knowing that I’m responsible for something far bigger than me is a bit scary but a massive privilege and drives me forward each day. Already, the guidance and accountability Taz has brought to my world has hugely helped my business and given me a sense of calm in stormy waters.

“There is no price I can put on that. I’ll always be so grateful to her and am SO pleased that she’s on this journey with me.”
Donna Phillips, Professional Writer, Autism Advocate, Founder: That Beautiful Mind

“I chose to work with Taz after I spotted her on social media and then met her at a couple of her speaking events. I chose her because she is fun, warm with a no nonsense/honest approach.

“I thought she would take the time to get to know and understand me and then challenge the hell out of me. I was not wrong.

“Over the last year she had been my coach, mentor and one of top supporters. She has pushed me out of my comfort zone, helped me understand myself better and grow in confidence.

“I often start my coaching sessions feeling stuck but leave them with a new lease of life. Thank you Taz for being an awesome coach.”
Anthea Marris, Coach, Facilitator and People Management Expert

“I make a living from pretending to be other people…but showing ‘me’? Trusting that I am enough? Believing in myself? These are things I struggle with on a daily basis.

“I worked with Taz on challenging this anxiety and on facing my fears. I honestly don’t think anyone else could have achieved what she did.

“She broke down the barriers, made me drop my mask and made me feel completely safe and supported whilst we did this.

“We worked on practical techniques, we worked on thought management, we…well; we did it all. I will never forget the empowerment and self belief that she helped me to find.

“Taz’s coaching technique is truly like nobody else’s. She immediately makes you feel safe and then, supporting you all the way, encourages you to fight your fears…and win”.

“Taz’s coaching sessions are transformative. You leave feeling empowered, energised and ready to take on the world.”

Lu Corfield, Actress

“I first met Taz at a networking event and liked her straight away and later registered for one of her development Facebook groups. Towards the end of 2018 I contacted Taz as a coach to help my development in my business, but for now the focus has been personal development due to huge changes in my personal life.

“Taz has always been very supportive and approachable. I love her energy, dynamism and honesty as well as how she helps you see things from a different perspective and her positivity and how she builds confidence and you come away feeling that anything is possible and you can achieve whatever your goals maybe.

“Taz really is awesome.”
Jackie Cannon, Clinical Hypnotherapist

I have been working with Taz for a year now. Taz has a few roles in my life and is always there to give me help and advice when needed.

“As a Motivational Speaker – Taz helps me to develop as a speaker, giving me confidence, helping me with my stage presence & giving advice on getting the best out of my talks as well as helping me to develop new content. Taz also keeps me on track with my social media & PR, by helping & advising on content in order to attract the right audiences for my business

“Aside from the input into my business, I suffer from anxiety and depression & I feel comfortable in confiding in Taz. She listens, shares her own experiences & between the two she helps me to be able to deal with things and find answers to the problems that I share.

The ‘Pink One’ is bubbly, full of fun, a real inspiration & a real friend!”
Emma Sheardown, Motivational Speaker, World And European Para Dressage Champion, Disability/Equality Advocate

I first met Taz when she was a Tedx Speaker, where she delivered an amazing, emotional and inspiring talk. From that day I followed her on Social Media, as I wanted to learn more about this amazing woman.

“Recently I got in touch and asked her for some help in my business and how I can expand it in a direction that feels right for me. Taz has done just that. She has been an incredible help and support to me over the last few months, helping me take my business to the next level.

“She really got to understand me, where I was, and where I wanted to take my business. Taz delivered her vast experience, support and advice in a caring way together with her own special brand of humour, making working with her a pleasure. She also held me accountable, and encouraged me to expand MY ideas, rather than giving me a ‘formula’ to work to.

“By bouncing ideas and expanding upon them, I now have a much better plan. Thank you Taz , you really are awesome!”
Wendy Capewell, Speaker, Author, Counsellor and Therapist

“Thank you for such an inspiring (and emotional) day.  The support you’ve given us not only yesterday but on a daily basis is second to none, and without people like yourselves, we simply wouldn’t be doing what we do – thank you.”
Pet Blood Bank UK (PBBuk)

“Taz Thornton is a very different kind of personal development mentor/coach. She is highly innovative and encouraging. She makes it all fun and you do not even notice that you are making real lasting progress whilst on the actual course. BUT, within a day, it starts to dawn on you how much of an impact attending her course has had on you. I repeated #UnleashYourAwesome twice because I did not believe the difference in me and the things Taz had got me to do. I then went on to the #UnleashYourAwesome LiveStory course and that definitely unleashed amazing things which I have yet to fully develop and explore. If you want to make changes in your life and develop yourself and can be truly open-minded you will not regret attending one of Taz Thornton’s courses. Just do it and don’t look back.”
Stella Gooch, SMG Virtual PA

“Really transformational.”
Rachel Elnaugh, Source TV founder, former BBC Dragon

“Taz is passionate and knowledgable, so can’t fail to inspire.”
Sue Donnelly, managing director, Accentuate Me

“Taz has a special gift for putting people at ease and her positivity and sense of humour really is infectious. She has the ability to very easily get to the crux of a problem with penetrating accuracy. Solutions and ideas are boundless as is her creativity. She is a fabulous workshop facilitator.”
Lisa Gates, creative expression therapist, The POWER Project

“I recommend Taz Thornton to all my connections without any hesitation.Taz is an exceptional interactive coach.I was particularly impressed on a personal level, as Taz enabled me to improve my memory by using very simple yet effective methods.”
Amanda Carlin, director, AmandaCarlin.co.uk Ltd