Recently, I was thinking about how much our society has disconnected the head from the heart.

Even when we think about all that personal development we’ve become so obsessed with, much of it is focused on the brain, on re-wiring the way we think.

That’s all great… but what about all those elements we used to refer to as ‘soft skills’? What about our emotions? The heart? Our souls?

I thought about the business world too – about how much emphasis we place on profits over people, on the bottom line over compassion, empathy, intuition, joy.

Call me an old hippy if you like, but I’m pretty sure business would be healthier if we remembered some of the superpowers of humanKIND.

What if we all strived to be the kind of people who…

  • Put people above profit 
  • Ask how someone’s doing and really want to hear the answer.
  • Smile at people even if they don’t smile back.
  • Know how many kids our staff members have, what their partner’s name is and what kind of dog they have – not from their file, but from talking to them.
  • Aren’t afraid to ask someone if they’re okay more than once if they answer ‘fine’, but look like they’re not.
  • Dare to trust our gut and make that decision, or dig a bit deeper, when intuition tugs on our sleeves.
  • Are brave enough to go against the crowd for something we know is right.
  • Can support someone and empathise, even if we have a different opinion.
  • Care about the mark we leave in the world, in every place we visit and every person we meet.
  • Be the kind of people we wished for when no-one was there for us.
  • The kind of people the world needs more than ever.

Let’s all be the kind of people who bring:

💗 More kindness.

💗 More compassion.

💗 More empathy.

💗 More intuition.

💗 More joy.

💗 More authenticity. 

For me, a rule of thumb is: ‘Follow your heart and remember to take your head with you.’

What do YOU think? Do we need to bring back the ‘feels’ a bit?

If so, what would you add to these lists?

Until next time,


Taz X