How much resentment are you carrying?

Does it serve you well?

You might argue that resentment can be a powerful driver – a state that can spur people into action to get things done.


I want you to think about the effect of carrying all those swirling emotions connected with whatever it is you resent. Let’s look at the word itself…


Each time we resent something, those negative emotions we connect to that situation, whatever they may be – rage, anger, frustration, hatred, envy, jealousy, etc – are literally being re-sent into our mind, our body, our energy.


On some level, we know what we’re doing. We meant it. Even if it’s an unconscious move, some part of us is revelling in those charged emotions flooding our system.

Resentment can trigger the kinds of emotional states that can be quite addictive.

Many of them are pretty fiery and, particularly if we don’t have much positive fire elsewhere in our lives, all those endorphins can pack a powerful punch.

Even if it’s just for today, I want you to think about any resentment you’re holding onto and consider replacing it with something more positive.

Instead of resenting what happened, could we learn from it and carry the positive teaching instead?

If it’s connected to envy, perhaps feeling it’s unfair that someone else has what we desire, could we take their fortune as a sign that the same might be possible for us?

What if, instead of calling ‘w@nker’ at that guy in the Ferrari, we wondered how they got it and thanked the universe for that little nudge to start focusing on our own plans to create the future we want to live?

What if, instead of holding onto that old anger and sense of injustice, we decided to let it go, be thankful that our heart instinctively knows the difference between right and wrong, and choose to move on and do good from a positive place instead?

What if, instead of operating from a resentful place of ‘I’ll show them!’, we pursued our hopes and dreams from a place of joy, inspiration, optimism, and excitement?

What then? How different might our life and outlook be? 

Think about it. Try it. If only for a day.

Wherever you are in the world, have a beautiful day. 

Until next time,


Taz X