Can you just stop?

Quit scrolling LinkedIn, Instaglam, Fakebook, Threads, TPFKAT (The Platform Formerly Known As Twitter), or any other medium and comparing yourself to others.

Nine times out of ten, you’ll have no idea of their backstory, how much support they’ve had, how long they’ve been in the game, other energy drains, distractions or responsibilities in their lives, etc etc.

Nope. You just see someone doing, being, wearing or driving something you aspire to and draw a straight comparison.

Stop it. Stop it now It’s total BS!

Listen, if you’ve only just started out as a coach, it would be RIDICULOUS for you to compare yourself to me.

I’ve been self-employed and building my business since 2010 and, even before that, I was deep in the personal and business development game for years.

You comparing yourself to me, as a newbie coach, is as bonkers as me comparing myself to Tony Robbins! (Okay, someone else did that in a testimonial, but that was nowt to do with me!)

Yes, look to people who are further ahead of you in the game of life (and business), but look to learn, get tips, find out what they did to get where they are. Use them as inspiration, not as like-for-like benchmarks.

Check out this pic… My wife, Asha, used to be a bit bigger and less fit. 
three women posing happily in the gym.
Her MS diagnosis gave her a massive kick up the behind to change her health, and she started static cycling during lockdown and lost at least a Kylie Minogue’s worth of weight. Last year, she started going to the gym and using weights as well.

I was once a lot bigger than I am now. I’m asthmatic, have back issues, one lung only works at a third of capacity, and I like to imagine I’m much fitter than I am. 

I’ve been working with a Personal Trainer twice weekly for a few years now, and it’s slowly reaping the rewards.

The woman at the back is our PT, Gemma Catlin. She’s been sporty pretty much all her life, a former competition bodybuilder, trained in nutrition, and a bloody powerhouse!

If my wife or I compared our shapes, sizes or fitness levels to Gemma’s, that would be daft, wouldn’t it? Gemma’s quite a fair few years younger than us as well.

By the same token, I’m Gemma’s business coach. One of the areas I work with her on is visibility and brand. She’s working on those things in her own time.

If Gemma looked at a following she’s not been actively building for that long and compared it to mine, that would be equally daft, wouldn’t it?

Right. So stop doing it!

Stop holding yourself to the standards of someone who’s been at it longer than you, whose circumstances allow them to hit it harder than you, or those who have an entire team behind the scenes, making it all happen for them/with them/alongside them. 

Compare yourself to nobody but the you of yesterday.

Hold yourself accountable to the you of five years from now.

Until next time,


Taz X