Whenever people ask how I get my drive, my inspiration, how I dig deep into my intuition for what’s needed, I deliver an answer they’re rarely expecting.

I tell them I check in with my future self.

My best encourager is me in five years’ time.

Future Me knows when to tell me to take my foot off the gas, when to go full throttle, how much to rest, how much to push.

She knows what I need to do, she knows what I try to avoid and she knows exactly what I need to hear at any given time.

Future Me knows what I’m capable of, and she gives the best balance of encouragement and kicks. 

Despite all the learning, coaching and mentoring I commit to, it’s Future Me who keeps me on track. It’s actually Future Me who encourages me to keep learning, being mentored and coached – she knows what will get the best results, and I listen. 

If you want to try connecting with your Future Self, here are some simple exercises to help:

Sit in quiet contemplation and see if you can tune into the essence/vibe of YOU in five years’ time.  

– What are they like? 
– What are they doing? 
– How are they feeling? 
– Where are they living? 
– What is their business like? 
– Their health? 
– Fitness? 
– What advice do they have for the you of today? 
– How can you tune into them for advice in the future? 

Next, think about your Ideal Self.  

How are they different to the you of now? What would you need to do to bridge that gap? 

Here’s one more challenge to keep you feeling focused and inspired: 

In your journal, at the end of every day, write an entry headed ‘I have learned…’ 

Make sure you write something every day. It doesn’t need to be a learning from that particular day; it could be anything you’ve learned over your lifetime – a bit like Oprah’s ‘What I Know For Sure’ (which is a nice little book if you haven’t already read it).  

All good? 

Let me know how you get on – Future You might just change your life!

Taz X