It bears thinking about.

We’re all conditioned to get out there and be the best we can be, but what does that actually mean?

There’s a difference between choosing to hold yourself to YOUR highest standards (whatever that might mean for you) and setting out to be the absolute best of the best.

Best at what?

Better than who?

Better why?

And what does ‘best’ even mean?

Beware the huge ego trap and massive potential to end up isolated and alone with this one.

There are some disciplines with a very clear set of standards and benchmarks to attain on the pathway to ‘mastery’. Think black belts and dans in martial arts, for instance, or, perhaps, advanced driving qualifications, maybe military ranks?

There are other areas where the lines aren’t quite so clean and clear – management, personal development, spiritual growth, to name but a few.

Aiming to be YOUR best? Admirable.

Aiming to be THE absolute best of the best? Why? According to who? What for? How will you know when you’ve reached that highest level?

Depending on the path you’re striving to become the ultimate, dominating master of, getting to the pinnacle of that mountain might mean hurting others, damaging friendships, manipulating relationships, demeaning your teachers, cutting off your heart from your head, becoming led entirely by your ego…

The top of that mountain can be a lonely place. Not only that, but the mountain can often be of our own making.

Tune into your intentions. Connect your head to your heart and your gut.

What are you striving for and why?

Until next time,


Taz X