Some years ago, I turned up to give a talk at an event, peacocked my way into the large room and waited for the masses of people to turn up and watch me speak. 
I waited.

And waited.

Two people turned up.


How did I handle that?

I pulled up some chairs, sat down with them and turned it into a coaching circle.

Those two delegates got some awesome tools, and both of them went on to buy tickets to my events, join my tribe, buy my books and recommend me to others.

I don’t know exactly how many clients those two people brought my way, or how much money that free session for two people turned into, but it was definitely worth the effort in retrospect.

Since then, of course, I’ve spoken at some epic events, and for big names, across the UK and overseas.

Rooms packed full of people.

So, what’s the teaching?  

Instead of getting frustrated, you need to get focused.

How can you make a difference?

How can you serve?

Keep doing that.

Keep showing up.

You’ve got this.  

Until next time, #UnleashYourAwesome Taz X