I’m well aware that many of you – particularly after the past few years we’ve all had – are finding it hard to get into the inspiration zone.

Have you ever wondered where some people get seemingly boundless inspiration from?

I’m a big believer that inspiration is all around us if we know how to look for it.

For those of us running our own businesses, it’s really important to be able to create that state.

Whether you call it the inspiration zone, the zone of genius – whatever – it’s that place where free-flowing ideas keep coming, dropping into our souls and minds like little seeds of creativity and growth.

And so, for anyone struggling to wake that vibe up, here’s one of the techniques I use.

1) Sit down somewhere comfy with a pad and pen. I like to actually write – something happens to kickstart our creativity with the physical act of moving a pen across paper in a way that just doesn’t come about typing on a keyboard.

I also like to use a yellow legal pad for this exercise; you can use any paper you like, though studies have shown that the yellow colour stimulates brain activity.

2) Stick a good business/personal development audio book on.

For this particular exercise, I like to play one I’ve listened to/read before so I can write when ideas come instead of worrying about pausing or missing some of the goodness.

3) When inspiration strikes, write!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a fully formed idea or just a hint, a random quote or something to look into… just let your ideas come and keep your pen moving!

On average, I’ll do this for between 60 and 90 minutes.

Last time, for instance, I stayed in the zone for an hour and a half and, in that time, I’d handwritten two social posts, one article/blog, noted down several quotes AND designed a high-end, experiential two-day development retreat for coaches.

Ninety minutes of solid gold!

When I find myself in that zone of genius – that inspiration sweet spot – I just keep writing down ideas until they stop coming.

Make the most of these moments – however much you try to kickstart them, you never know when the next one’s going to visit or how brilliant it will be!

Was that helpful? Will you try it? Let me know how you get on.

Until next time,


Taz X