My favourite C-word ends with N and T.

It’s a short, snappy word that, sometimes, I’m led to believe others in the business world might NOT like.

Because, surely, if they liked this C-word as much as I adore it, they’d be far more aware of it.

They might even want to collect them as much as I do, to nurture them, encourage them, help them to grow, to flourish, to explode into action like a geyser of possibility.

When you love them and coax them into all their beautiful power this much, of course, you’ll be wanting more than one, so the C-word starts to end with NTS.

Get ready… everyone say it with me, and let’s get plural… CLIENTS!

I. Love. My. Clients.

My clients are awesome.

They each carry unlimited potential.

Every one of them has an amazing story, a set of power-full intentions for the world, a heart of gold and a mind made of brilliance.

Every single one of them knows they’re capable of more – that they need to unleash their awesome.

And that’s why they’ve chosen me as their coach – and I feel ridiculously humbled and grateful for that fact.

I love every moment I spend with my clients and I love to see them soaring to new heights.

You know what I always say: what makes an awesome coach? Awesome clients!

Sometimes, people come to me with no concept of just how awesome they are.

Maybe their confidence is low.

Maybe they’re struggling to find their message.

Maybe they’re afraid to speak up and be seen.

Or maybe they’ve tried following every blueprint, bought into every funnel, and they’re still finding it nigh on impossible to create clients and decent cash flow.

That’s when my secret superpower comes into play.

You see, even when someone is woefully potential-blind, I can see right through the blocks they’ve learned through life to what might be possible for them.

I can see their bright, shining brilliance even when they can’t.

I can use the twin powers of intuition and power-full questioning to get to the root of what’s stopping them and then work with that wonderful client to create a plan.

We’ll draw out our map to success, then work together, one step at a time, to create the future they want to enjoy.

Whether that’s building confidence and visibility, learning to speak on stage, understanding how to properly connect with people and create clients… whatever that challenge happens to be, we’ll find a way through.

Because that’s what working with my clients means to me – it’s a two-way commitment.

They need to commit to being honest, and have an open heart and determination to succeed, and I bring that same level of truth, together with compassion, courage, encouragement and bucketloads of support.

How do YOU feel about your clients?

Is this your favourite C-word as well?

Until next time,


Taz X