I wish I could turn all the noise off for you, .

I wish I could stop all those greed-driven, plastic coaches and trainers telling you they can get you to six or seven figures, or that you need to buy their funnel or system.

I wish I could stop all the pigeonholing, the broad brushing and the comparisonitis.

It’s YOUR business.

You can run it YOUR way.

You don’t need to coach people in a particular way, squeeze them into a process, or tie yourself in knots over whether you’re a coach, mentor or trainer (the people you serve don’t care what you call yourself – they just want to know you can help them).

You don’t need to show up seven days a week on every social media platform.

You don’t have to write a book.

You don’t need to dress a particular way, use all the buzz words or be able to comment on every episode of Dragons’ Den.

You don’t need to have read Napoleon Hill, run your own podcast or rave about Women Who Run With Wolves.

You don’t need to be or do ANYTHING that isn’t absolutely YOU.

You didn’t launch your own business to follow someone else’s rules.

Don’t start now.

Carve your own path and remember one of my favourite sayings: Beware of following the masses… sometimes the ‘M’ is silent.