Have you been holding out on us?

I want to know about your wins.

Your future clients DEFINITELY want to know about them. What’s more, they’re the reason they might BECOME your clients. 

I’m not talking about the everyday ones that really matter to you and your clients, like that brilliantly profitable programme you helped them to create or that £20k expenditure saving you found for them.

I mean the wins that sit in your business closet, gathering dust and never being aired.

The ones you feel icky talking about, because you’re worried you’ll sound like an ego on legs.

Listen, we all know the important wins that really count for the people who already know you and trust you, but you need to shout more about the visibility ticks that help you get noticed by those who DON’T already know you. 

These ‘success markers’ earn you credibility coins, but an overflowing coffer’s no good if nobody knows about it.

Here’s a checklist for starters:

📕 HAVE YOU WRITTEN A BOOK? Yep, two Amazon bestsellers for me, plus contributed to loads of others, and more from me on the way. 

🤩 CELEBRITY CLIENTS? Yep, quite a few, though I can’t namedrop. 

🐲 BEEN ON DRAGONS’ DEN? No, but I have coached two of the dragons AND businesses who’ve been on the show.

📺 BEEN ON TV? Yep – a few times. Every now and then, you’ll spot me coaching Tanya Bardsley (RHOC) on ITV – that one gets a re-run fairly frequently.

📻 RADIO? Yeah, loads of times – including BBC giving public speaking tips to Boris Johnson 😁

🎤 ARE YOU A SPEAKER? Yep, I’ve spoken on business stages at major business events in the UK. As well as Spain, Milan, Sicily, Cannes, and various business events online, including the UAE.

🌎 IS YOUR BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL? Yep, I coach, train and mentor people all over the world – the furthest away so far is New Zealand. I currently also have clients in Mexico and Sweden, as well as across the UK. 

📰 BEEN IN THE MEDIA? Yep, including Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror, Metro, Kindred Spirit, Huff Post, OutNews Global, Diva, BBC, Sky, ITV and loads of others (thanks to Fiona Scott for many of these opportunities). 

Listen, these things shouldn’t matter in the scheme of all that’s happening in the world, but they do when it comes to your personal brand and visibility—especially in the coaching, speaking, and training world. 

What are you NOT shouting about? How many of these could you tick? It’s by no means an exhaustive list, but I hope this has given you a few nudges.

Step up. Be seen. Sometimes, the only reason others are doing better than you is that they have a bigger megaphone!

Until next time,


Taz X