‘Fail to plan, plan to fail!’ We’ve all heard that one, right?

I’ve always bucked against it!

Nine times out of ten, it was delivered as a verbal cattle prod by some trainer, or advisor, telling a room full of self-employed newbies how to run a business.

At the risk of sounding like Judgy McJudgeface, the people foisting that age old line onto us never seemed particularly happy or successful.

Here’s my take on it (brace yourself – I’m going against the starchy, tired rules again!):

Planning is awesome.

Plans are, largely, a waste of paper.

Why so?

Because, when we sit down to do planning, when we get into that zone of excitement, inspiration, creativity, magic happens.

When we allow ourselves to open our minds and hearts, create the future we want to enjoy, start looking at how we might serve the world – and our audience – most power-fully, we come alive.

So, embrace the planning. Anchor in that energy you create. Tap into it whenever you need to. Feel the flow and embrace it.

Planning, however, is different to a plan.

A plan happens when we attempt to harness and control that energy that erupts beautifully from planning, take away all its movement and freedom and force it onto a piece of paper. Or into a spreadsheet. Or a Trello board. Whatever you prefer.

When we lock down the energy of planning, freeze it into a static plan, it dies. It stagnates. It becomes something for us to break as easily as a New Year’s resolution, something to stick in a drawer and forget about, or something to beat ourselves up about when we neglect to follow it.

Plans are what we need to show if we’re going for investment, or loans. They’re a tool. That’s all.

The trouble with plans is that they’re static.

The beauty of planning is that it lives, breathes, flows, inspires and creates.

Plans are restrictive.

Planning is expansive.

I create a content plan every year. I stick to it for about the first month. But… the energy and ideas that come from creating the plan are priceless.

What to do then?

Do the planning. Make your notes. Make your plan. Just be ready to check back in and breathe new life into it regularly.

Build planning into your schedule every week, let it take you into your zone of expansive genius. But… don’t then simply write a static plan and sit on it. Stay in the place of excitement and movement – act on whatever comes out of your planning before it stagnates.

Enjoy your planning – don’t get stuck in a plan.

Until next time,
Taz X
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