This week, I ranted, and I’m not even sorry.  

I went live on my Facebook page and didn’t pull any punches.

I’m tired of good coaches believing they’re failing because they’re comparing themselves to ‘successful’ coaches they see online.

Right now, in the UK, the climate is challenging for everyone; goodness knows how many people in business have seen their income dipping or flatlining.

Why? Well, there’s been the recession, rising mortgages and energy bills, political instability, and the emotional and mental fallout from lockdowns.

Also, we’re only just coming out of the dark season and into spring, which always has an impact.

People are seeing all the gloss online and assuming everyone’s doing better than them.

They’re not seeing that, although some might have fancier boats, the seas are rough for everyone.  

(And they will calm – they always do!)

If you’ve been comparing yourself to all the shining coaches in Fakebook and Instaglam, please get some perspective.

For instance:

If you’re seeing loads of people you admire and respect suddenly talking up one coaching personality at the same time, chances are there’s a launch happening and they’ve joined an affiliate programme.

That doesn’t mean the person they’re shouting about isn’t bloody awesome – it just means all the noise isn’t coincidental.

What’s more, when you see people in your peer group signing up for big money programmes and events, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re doing better than you – it might just be that they’re swiping their credit cards or taking advantage of an instalment scheme.

Stop filling in the gaps when you’re only seeing part of the picture.

Listen, I guarantee that some of the very people you’re comparing yourself to have taken a battering when it comes to their projections this year.

I know people whose events have reached nowhere near the capacity they expected, and I know plenty of coaches who’ve had clients trying to bail and break contracts left, right and centre… not because they haven’t been doing a cracking job, but because people are scared. 

This happens every now and then. It’ll steady out again. Keep the faith. Keep serving. Keep showing up.

Oh, and one more thing…

Though we know there are plenty of shysters out there, try not to throw shade towards anyone you see who seems to be doing well, or assuming the worst just because they appear to have the world in their palm.  

  1. They might not be doing as well as you think.
  2. If they ARE absolutely smashing it, they’re showing you it’s possible. 
  3. Success does not equate to a lack of ethics, morals or skill. These are coaches, not politicians! 😉

Stop limiting yourself. Start creating possibilities. They all start with you being brilliantly useful. Get out there and show the world what you can do!

Until next time,


Taz X