The ‘problem’ with solution-focused coaching is that it focuses on a solution.

It places the coach in the role of mechanic – there to fix a problem, then step away until such time as there’s another problem that needs fixing.

Of course, that might not seem like much of a problem to you, hence the inverted commas.

It’s not the way I coach OR the way I coach others to coach.

Of course, we can help our clients find solutions to the challenges they face, either through coaching, mentoring or a mix of both. I frequently do this. I know the coaches I coach and mentor do as well. 


Coaching isn’t just about fixing perceived problems.

Coaching is about supporting people to grow, learn, develop, flourish, see different perspectives, explore opportunities beyond their own limited life visions (we ALL have these – me included!) and work towards being their best selves.

This kind of coaching is an ongoing relationship that helps people to reach greater heights and to reach their goals more swiftly than they might on their own.

The good coach will be able to help remove someone’s blinkers (or help put them on if there’s too much squirrelling going on!), support people to grow their confidence and stretch their comfort zone, AND help them to see what might really be possible for them, beyond their own (or their family’s / peers’) illusions. 

This is why I work on a retained basis with the majority of my clients. Sure, I have short-term and one-off options available, but I find that the greatest impact of coaching comes from those ongoing, trusted relationships.

Let’s break this notion that coaching is only to fix something that’s ‘broken’. It’s way more power-full than that. 

Until next time,


Taz X