The trouble with scarcity marketing is that everybody’s doing it.

 Actually, that’s not the real problem at all. The real problem is that too many coaches are using scarcity marketing as a sales technique, when the only thing that’s really scarce is money in your bank account or clients in your diary. 

 If you’ve been doing this, it’s okay, you don’t need to beat yourself up. I can understand why you’ve been doing it. There are plenty of books and self-proclaimed sales ‘gurus’ who will tell you it’s a proven way to get bums on seats. 

Trouble is, when people turn up to your event and see there are only five others in the room, your porky pies become obvious and any trust falls to pieces. 

And if you’ve been using it to score 1-1 coaching clients? Well, when you’re booking them in next time and they realise your diary is empty, yet again, your fib becomes obvious.  

Let’s face it… you are not Apple. People probably aren’t queuing around the block to buy your new product or service. Something to aim for? Sure, but you won’t get there by pretending to be more in demand than you actually are.  

You don’t need to fib about being almost fully booked to create new clients. 

What you need to do is serve power-fully. Show up regularly. Add value. And you need to stop hiding the till… have those sales conversations, stop being afraid to talk money or charge your worth. 

Every time I see someone on LinkedIn slagging off coaches who use scarcity marketing techniques, I cringe.  

1) It shows how prolific this kind of propaganda is.

2) It shows how much people are sick of it. 

3) It means anyone who genuinely only has a few places left will probably be being tarred by the same brush. 

4) It shows the growing cynicism for the coaching profession… and, worse still, coaches are causing it.  

If you see me saying I only have one place available, I genuinely only have one place available. When it’s gone, it’s gone. That’s one of the reasons I sometimes (with permission, obvs) give delegates a social media shoutout when they join one of my limited-number programmes – it gives them some exposure AND demonstrates that places really are disappearing. 

If you really do have limited availability, of course it’s okay to shout about that. Just don’t be tempted to gamble with your credibility if that’s not the case.  

Let’s level things up, people. Let’s raise our game and raise the bar. That’s the best way to drown out the cynicism AND build more trust – we need to show up more and show up better. 

Until next time, 

Taz X