There are too many struggling coaches in the world. Too many don’t have enough clients, cashflow or brand awareness to keep going.
If you’re struggling to make ends meet as a coach, it’s not because:
❌ There are too many coaches
❌ People aren’t spending
❌ You can’t afford advertising and the algorithms hate you
❌ You haven’t niched enough
Here are six things you need to be doing, or stop doing, if you’re serious about creating a successful coaching practice:
1️: Get clear about who it is you want to coach – and no, I’m not talking about client ‘avatars’ (giant blue execs with yellow eyes are few and far between).
I mean getting clear about people you’d like to work with, and why.
Write a list of five actual people, by name, and get on their radar.
If you can’t come up with a list of five ‘target’ clients, that’s a big clue – you’re not creating enough clarity and direction.
NB: Your ‘top five’ will be ever evolving. People will fall off the bottom and you’ll add someone else at the top. Always keep your eye on the ball.
2️: Once you’re clear about who you want to work with, you need to be able to explain why they need you. What’s in it for them? Don’t be fluffy; think real, measurable outcomes.
3️: You might know who you want to work with, but do *they* know you want them as clients?
Why not?
Get your message clear, get on their radar, build a relationship, then ask the question. “Bob, you know I can help with that thing you want to achieve. Why aren’t we working together yet? How do we make that happen?”
4️: You’re either too fast or too slow. Too many are automating mass connection requests and crass sales messages or hitting up every new connection with a salesy InMail.
At the other end of the scale, too many don’t close the deal. You’re not picking up on buying signals, being embarrassed / apologetic about wanting to be paid, steering the conversation away from business or not asking the question.
Dare I mention following up?
5️: Nobody knows who you are or why your coaching offering has value.
You’re not showing up consistently in the right places, you’re not networking effectively or being of service, your content is the same as every other coach, or a rehash of some mindset guru’s words.
Build YOUR brand. Tell YOUR story. Use YOUR experiences. Show up. Inspire. Motivate. Educate. Entertain.
6️: You’ve bought into someone’s ‘blueprint’ promise and it’s not working.
It’s never a case of one size fits all, most businesses take about three years of consistent effort and visibility to start turning a decent profit, and there are no real shortcuts.
Right now, the world needs good coaches, mentors, inspirers and cheerleaders.
There IS enough money.
You ARE needed.
You might need to install new practices and more patience.
Did any of this resonate? If you need help, you know where I am.