There’s something I want you to get really clear about today: whatever the fairytales tell us, dreams do not unfold on their own.

The single biggest dream slayer is inaction, closely followed by a lack of belief.

Mindset and motion really are everything – you need to be working on both of those to generate the energy and determination you’ll need to move those mountains and get to your goal.
Here are three beliefs I hold onto to keep me strong and focused – doesn’t mean we can’t have downtime (that’s super important to keep us on top form), but it DOES mean we need to keep our eyes on the prize.

1) Your dreams are your responsibility – It’s up to you to make them happen.

2) Naysayers exist to remind you to check yourself (Am I on the right track? Is this really what I want? Am I being my best self? Am I serving as I go? Do I need to do anything differently?) – and for you to prove them wrong.

3) Procrastination is nothing but the publicly acceptable face of making excuses. You need to be taking action every day – even if that’s doing something small in the scheme of things:
MeditationJournalingSetting intentionsKeeping hydrated and nourishedGetting those endorphins flowing in the right directionServing othersReading something you can learn fromGrowing your confidenceWorking on your staminaTaking one step further towards loving yourself completelyDoubling down on your dreamsEvery action counts – even the tiny steps… progress doesn’t always have to equate to bricks and mortar stuff. 

How many of these three beliefs do you hold? How many are you following?

Does that help? Get in touch and tell me… what’s one small change you can make to your daily routine or mindset that your future self will thank you for? 

Until next time,


Taz X