There’s an old Buddhist saying that goes something like this: “You were supposed to climb those mountains, not carry them.” 

I’m paraphrasing, of course, but the basic premise is plain to see.

Life throws so many potentially beautiful lessons at us every day, yet, all too often, instead of growing from them, we find all the negatives, absorb them and become heavier.

In my work as a coach, mentor and trainer, I see so many people who just aren’t able to comprehend their own brilliance.

If that’s you, please, please, read on.

I want you to open your eyes, your mind and your heart.

I want you to see your awesome potential as much as I see it.

I want you to realise that there are so, so many limiting beliefs and old habits that hold us back. How many are you carrying?

Over the years, I’ve spotted countless patterns that hold people back and keep them small. I’ve listed the five most common ones here.

Maybe you’ll spot something that resonates with you. If so, please consider doing something about it. Get some help. Find someone to talk to. Try meditating and mindfulness. Get a new hobby that breaks you out of that old pattern. Find a good coach to help you move forward. Anything that feels right for you – just please know you are capable of far more than you believe right now. 

You are beautiful. You are brave. You are brilliant. You are here for a reason and the world wants you to stay, to thrive, to be joyful.

Here’s that top five I was talking about. 

1. Guru hopping – listening to too many different bits of advice from too many people.

RESULT: Confusion and inaction. 

2. Comparison – Constantly comparing your own life/skills/income/charisma to others and telling yourself you’re not good enough.

RESULT: Low self-esteem, undercharging, low client numbers.

3. Basing your success on material ‘stuff’ – thinking you’ll feel better when you get that car/holiday/house. 

RESULT: Overspending and bursting credit card limits – you can’t fill an internal ‘hole’ with external trinkets.

4. Lack of sleep – there’s loads of science around this. Broken sleep patterns are linked to everything from poor health to premature ageing.

RESULT: Poor concentration, low self-esteem and too much caffeine.

5. Waiting for the okay – too many crave permission/praise from people they look up to and hold themselves back in the process.

RESULT: Lack of self-worth, wasting time doing things to impress others instead of striving for self-fulfilment.

How many can you tick?

Until next time,


Taz X