One of the areas I help people with is growing their audience, organically, from the ground up.

That includes being able to tell your story power-fully (and sharing the right messages for the right audience), building a strong personal brand, networking with the right people, creating your tribe and then creating the right products and services, at the right price points, for the people you want to sell to.

So often, people don’t know where to start. You’ll tell me you’re afraid of sharing too much, you’re anxious about vulnerability, don’t believe you have a story worth sharing.

Worse still, particularly if you’re in the business of helping and serving others, you might have been told to keep your cards close to your chest and never share the truth of yourself.

I’d sometimes like to grab some of the old-school psychotherapy, counselling and coaching trainers/organisations and give them a really good shake to get this outdated thinking out of their systems!

The idea that we should be depersonalised, robotic therapists, not allowed to ever share learnings from their own experiences, or demonstrate there’s a way through and they’re the proof, belongs back in the 1800s somewhere.

Authentic, hope-instilling, inspiration-generating, motivation-boosting storytelling is one of THE most power-full ways for us to support and encourage those we’re here to serve.


There’s a difference between dropping a giant, cathartic, massively inappropriate splurge in the middle of a coaching or therapy session and using our own experiences to show we walk our talk.

That kind of sharing, harnessed properly, can be a real superpower.

We can be using the power of our story in blogs, videos, podcasts, social content, books… the possibilities are endless.

Quick tips to help you get into the story zone power-fully:

  1. Always create and uplift – even if your story goes deep, it’s up to you to lift your audience back up and leave them in the place of possibility.
  2. Never embellish – you don’t need to embroider your story, I promise you – it’ll be power-full enough as it is.
  3. Remember you don’t know what you know; those pieces of information we see as basic and take for granted can be gold dust for others.

You cannot buy respect, credibility and trust.

They all take time.

You can buy fake followers.

Properly building your following, though?

Growing your reputation?

Understanding HOW to use your story to generate relatability, trust, and tribe?

That’s where the real power lies.

Until next time, #UnleashYourAwesome,