That comment came out of one of my coaching groups. 

I’d been working with a group of people to grow their personal brand, their visibility, reputation, credibility… you know… all the stuff that matters in client creation.

Gradually, I saw lightbulb moments happening around the room, when they each realised they hadn’t actually been doing half of the stuff they knew they needed to be doing.

What flicked the switch?

Someone in the group getting frustrated at another they deemed not as skilled or experienced, but who WAS getting the gigs.

“What are they doing that you’re not?”

It was a simple question, but one that landed like Thor’s hammer, complete with lightening.

The answers rippled from people around the room… 

“They’re showing up.“ 

“They’re schmoozing the right people.” 

“They’re making it clear they want the gig.”

“They’re asking for the gig!”

And then it came… one group member, thoughtfully listening, realisations playing across their face: “We’ve been playing at this, haven’t we? We’re turning up for coaching, but we’re not actually putting the work in…”

That was all it took.

Sometimes, no matter how much we point out the obvious, people need to have that realisation themselves before the magic happens.

From that moment, the energy in the room stepped up several notches, and I’ve seen a real difference in effort unfolding since. That effort will reap rewards.

In another group this week, someone said their struggle for clients/work was because “Nobody wants to spend money at the moment”.

Sorry, people, brutal honesty coming: that statement IS NOT TRUE.

This August (you know, that month when nobody spends and nobody does any business) 20 people bought tickets to ‘CHIEF’ – a pop-up Zoom workshop I created.

I have full client books, both 1-1 and groups.

People ARE spending money. Money has NOT disappeared.

If nobody in your pond wants to spend, maybe you need to fish somewhere else.

Or maybe you need to put in more effort, stop gazing at the fish and actually cast your line!

Client creation takes more than dropping posts on LinkedIn, lip-syncing on TikTok or Reels of you in pretty places.

You need to be networking, serving, and speaking to people… ESPECIALLY those you want to be working with.

Show the 🦆 up! Do so power-fully!

Are YOU seeing other people getting the gigs you want? What are they doing that you’re not?

Until next time,


Taz X