“I wasn’t expecting it to be that much.”

The words in the email felt cold, even though I knew they wouldn’t have been written in that way.

This was someone I’d been working with for years. They knew my pricing structures and had participated in some of my coaching programmes, where we’d tackled the money mindset, so I wasn’t expecting that response when they asked me to bill them for a half-day coaching session. 

Long story short, we talked and found a way to make it work, and when the day came, I was absolutely determined to make sure they went away filled with business ideas and recognising the value for money.

Long story short: smashed it!

For the record, at the time of writing, a half-day super session with me costs £2,150+VAT (there are both lower cost, and higher cost, ways to work with me, of course.)

By the time my lovely client started to flag, they’d had a really good Tazzing.

In the space of a half day, we’d worked out how – and why – they needed to tweak their messaging and social media content to reach a wider audience, drilled down into their personal branding story and their values AND come up with fully mapped-out online programmes that would be really easy to put together and run. 

The value of those online programmes we created? If they ran each of them, just once, in the first year alone, they’d net approximately £65k. And that’s just the starting point.

As we closed the session, I asked the questions I’d been waiting to pose all day: “Have you enjoyed today, and do you feel it’s been worth your investment of time and money?”

The answer? A resounding YES to everything.

And could they now see why I charge what I do AND understand how they could be charging far more for some of their own programmes? Absolutely!

When it comes to pricing your products and services, confidence is massively important. People won’t always understand your worth OR why they need to invest in you as a coach, mentor or trainer – particularly if they’ve been stung in the past. As awesome as you are, we all know there are plenty of shysters in this game. 

There’s no point in just harping on about how much value you create – you need to be able to SHOW people.

That’s precisely why I’m sharing this success story with you today, and it’s why I’m often accused of giving away far too much for free – either in person or through my content.

You gotta show and tell, people. Have the courage of your convictions. As that old saying goes: don’t tell me you’re funny, make me laugh!

Stop being afraid of giving too much and start trusting that when you power-fully serve, people will trust in you far more… and that’s what leads to awesome clients and glowing testimonials.

Get out there and change the world, one human being at a time. 

Until next time,


Taz X