Once upon a time, there lived an electrician. An excellent electrician. Someone able to diagnose and fix even the most complex of problems in no time at all.
The electrician’s reputation spread far and wide. She was in demand, loving her work and being rewarded richly for her efforts.
Then, one day, one of her clients told her about another group of electricians – the client called them a ‘cowboy’ outfit. Apparently, these people had been ripping people off, doing shoddy work, and giving the profession a really bad name.
The good electrician felt sick. How could anyone do such a thing? The actions of this group of unscrupulous traders were bringing the entire profession into disrepute!
Something had to be done!
That night, the good electrician went home and set about amending her website, her social media content and anything that contained the word ‘electrician’.
She didn’t want to be tarred with the same brush as the ‘cowboy sparkies’, so the best thing she could do was stop using that word to describe her services.
By midnight, exhausted but pleased with herself, she was no longer known as an electrician. Now, she was a ‘consumer and commercial energetic flow mechanic’.
In her mind, this was exactly the same work she’d always loved and excelled at, but she’d no longer be in the same ballpark as the cowboys.
Eventually, the trader previously known as the good electrician went out of business.
She’d already ‘fixed’ most of the major issues in her neighbourhood, so there wasn’t a lot of work to be had, and her word-of-mouth reputation gradually dried up as people moved house, changed jobs or left the area.
Most of the new work coming in ended up going to the cowboys. Why? Because, when people needed an electrician, they searched Google and social media platforms for an electrician. Even those who preferred a good, old-fashioned phone book were searching for ‘electrician’.
Nobody knew what a ‘consumer and commercial energetic flow mechanic was’, so the phone stopped ringing, the emails stopped coming and engagement on her social channels fell through the floor.
What do you call yourself?
This past week, I’ve heard from more good coaches who are reluctant to use the word ‘coach’ because they’ve heard horror stories about people being ripped off by unscrupulous coaches, or having less than ideal experiences from coaches who, for whatever reason, didn’t cut the mustard.
I’ve also heard from people who are beautifully spiritual, and build this into their work, being afraid to use the word ‘spiritual’ because they’ve heard about less-than-spiritual people making all kinds of claims to get people to swipe their credit card.
People, we need to switch our thinking!
There will be good, and bad, in every industry and every profession. Instead of running away from the very descriptors that help people to find us, we need to step up to the plate and lead from the front.
The way to NOT be tarred with the same brush as the ‘baddies’ is to not be one!
Stop hiding. Shine. Show the rest of the world how it’s supposed to be done.
Stop running. Stop playing the avoidance game… it’s a loser from the outset.
When we start making it harder for people to find us, we start hiding the till.
Don’t do that.
Stand proud. Show the world who you are. Be so awesome you cannot be ignored. Set the bar high. Let everyone else follow.
You ready? Let’s go! I’ll see you online.

Taz X