If you’re worried you’re losing your edge, running low on pizazz or the world, and all her opportunities, are passing you by, this is for you.

There seem to be an awful lot of people in the coaching world who are feeling low on fizz right now.

The first thing I want to ask is, what makes you believe you’re losing your magic?

Could it be that you’re just knackered?

We’ve hurtled towards the halfway point in 2024, and for many of us, it feels like we were only singing Auld Lang Syne about two weeks ago!

If that’s the case, what do you need to action now to top yourself back up and avoid burnout? You spend so much time looking after everyone else, but what are you doing to look after yourself? And who’s looking after YOU?

Which leads me perfectly to my second point: What does your coach say about it all?

You DO have a coach of your own, right? Coaches need coaches, just as doctors need doctors, and dentists need dentists.

Please, please, if you’re feeling low on your reserves, talk about it with your coach – it’s ALWAYS worth having that conversation.

Finally, if you’re convinced everyone is overtaking you, please remember there’s a difference between consensus reality and the perfect pictures painted on Fakebook and Instaglam. I bet a whole heap of those people you deem more successful are thinking EXACTLY the same about you.

If you’re really feeling stuck, hit reply and tell me what’s going on for you and what you believe is blocking your flow. Let’s see if there’s an easy fix you can’t see right now.

Until next time, 
Taz X