True story, everyone. 

To create a successful coaching business, you do NOT need to spam everyone’s inbox, create free lead magnets and then stick everyone into a crappy email sequence they didn’t ask for, badger everyone in your contacts book for work or use slimy NLP techniques to manipulate people into swiping their credit cards.

Oh, and you don’t need to get everyone onto a call to upsell them, keep your prices off your website or use phrases such as “can you afford NOT to?” or “If you really cared about your kids’ future, you’d remortgage your house/get a loan and invest in this coaching.”

Practices like that make me sick in my mouth. Just hideous.

You CAN be an awesome coach, and a prosperous one, without being a dick. And if whoever’s training you to be a coach tells you to behave in a way that makes your skin crawl, run for the hills! Beware the dry land sharks!

Keep it clean. Live so you can look yourself in the eye.

And remember that NLP can actually be beautiful and transform lives positively when sales asshats aren’t injecting slime.

One more point… if you’re training as a coach and you’re told to focus purely on 90-day coaching programmes, blink a few times to get rid of the pound signs they’ve poured into your eyes, then take a step back.

Crap business model.

You’ll be constantly firefighting and worrying about filling the next three months. They can work as part of your offering, sure, but they’re terrible for cash flow if they’re the only/main element.

You’re welcome.

Have you ever experienced a vomit-inducing sales patter from a coach? And if you ARE a coach, have you ever been encouraged to use it?

Until next time,


Taz X