If you’re really struggling to connect with potential clients right now, here are three tips to bring your alignment closer to abundance.

1. GET CLEAR ON YOUR MESSAGE. What are your three core messages? Are you sharing them enough? 

2. WHAT ARE THE THREE TOP PROBLEMS FOR YOUR AUDIENCE/CLIENT BASE? Are you covering them? Are you providing ideas/solutions regularly?

3. COMPARE AND CONTRAST. You might notice that the first exercise gets you clear on what YOU want to say and the second provides clarity on what your potential clients need your help with.

Are you on point? It’s okay to have both, but you DO need to be talking a language people understand and want to hear.

Make yourself a checklist. Make sure you’re covering all bases every week.

Oh, and before you think you’re being way too repetitive, think of any well known business ‘guru’ and ask yourself what their core message is.

I bet you’ll be able to distill it down to a couple of topics/beliefs.

They’re not too repetitive though, are they? They’re just clear AND they know who their target audience is and what they want.

BONUS TIP: For goodness’ sake, make sure you’re getting your hashtags right!

Target them to your audience, NOT your topic. Who, not what.

For instance, if you want to help the construction industry with mental health, one of your hashtags might be #construction rather than #mentalhealth or #depression.

Use hashtags as signposts for the algorithms – use them to drive your content to the right people.

Useful? Email me and let me know what you think.