Goals, goals, goals.

Everyone in business seems to harp on about goal-setting, but how many of us – particularly if we’re from a corporate background – have a negative anchor to the entire process?

That awful system at appraisal time… writing a list of goals you don’t give a rat’s ass about, simply to tick a box. Icky AF! If that’s ringing bells for you, try shifting towards setting intentions. For me, intentions are goals with soul.

Rather than a brain-centric process, intentions feel far more holistic; not so much what we think we should do, but tuning into all our senses and our energy body.

What is it that we truly want to achieve? What feels right for us?

What will help us to connect to our ‘soul mission’ and start to really fulfil our potential? Our intentions create our reality. When we set an intention, we are sending a message to the universe about what we want to bring into our life and business.

Intentions help to focus our energy and efforts, as well as helping us to stay motivated and inspired. As well as big, overarching intentions, I like to set a daily intention.

This might be as simple as staying positive, learning something new, drinking more water or (something that sounds easy, but can be a real challenge) staying in the moment.

Setting intentions can help us to tap into our intuition and inner wisdom, allowing us to make decisions aligned to our highest good.

Remember, it’s not just about achieving external success… it’s also about cultivating a sense of inner peace and fulfilment.

Who doesn’t want a bit of that?!

Do I still set goals? Sure. Sometimes. BUT… there’s always an intention underpinning them.

That way, I find it much easier to get into the flow and to drive towards an outcome that’ll fill me up, heart, soul AND mind. 

Less ego, more aligned energy.

Have you tried setting intentions, or are you a dyed-in-the-wool goal-setter?

Semantics? Maybe, but if it helps to align our focus and level up our energy and mindset, does it really matter?


Taz X

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