I’ve been talking about the ‘Bank Of Trust’ for years. It’s one of THE most important factors to be aware of in marketing.

Whenever we’re putting content out, we need to be aware of this.

Imagine you have a trust bank – like a money bank, but for trust.

Every time you give something freely, without expecting anything in return, you’re putting a coin into your trust bank.

Every time you ask people to give you something – anything from an email address to their time – you’re taking a coin out of that trust bank.

You MUST make sure you have a good trust bounty.

This is why I keep saying we need to serve before selling. There’s nothing wrong with selling – we all need to do it – but we MUST make sure we’ve built up those trust reserves.

It’s why so many of those intro DMs and emails are so disliked. Clumsy presuppositions to get someone onto a phone call, website audit offers, surveys, groups, cold sales – they’re all asking people to give us something before we’ve built trust.

Here’s yours truly talking trust banks to a business group a few years ago… that tissue sticking out of my pocket annoys me every time! 

How full is YOUR trust bank?


Taz X