THIS past week, I’ve heard some crazy limiting beliefs from people in business.

Maybe it’s the current climate kicking people in their confidence, maybe it’s stress, anxiety, exhaustion, burnout or just sheer overwhelm with all the negative / confusing messages coming from the media and Government.

Whatever it is, as business owners, we need to get a grip and stop believing our own bullshit.

We need to examine our excuses and see them for what they are.

We need to stop delivering what we *think* we should be serving up as a ‘proper’ grown up business person, and start creating products and services people actually WANT.

We need to remove the sticks from our backsides, delete the news apps from our phones and start tuning into our GUT.

“Stop listening to a gazillion-and-one self-proclaimed business gurus with just as many different approaches. Pick. A. Lane!”

It may also serve us to stop listening to a gazillion-and-one self-proclaimed business gurus with just as many different approaches. Pick. A. Lane!

When we’ve done that, take a breath, take a step back, get clear about the audience you want to serve – and make sure it’s the right audience to serve your needs (and with the ability to pay you!) – and build from there.

Who should you listen to?

Someone who’s actually walking their talk and creating visible levels of success in whatever you want to achieve is someone you probably need to be watching. Whether they’re winning in visibility, branding, sell out events, speaking, social media engagement, property, marketing, investment, writing, sales, coaching, websites… whatever it is YOU want to do better, they’ll likely be leaving clues!

Drop your limiting beliefs.

Drop your judgements.

Take off your blinkers.

Get real.

Here are some of the actions and beliefs I’ve seen/heard in just the last week that could be crippling your business…

Business jargon

🚫 People using business babble jargon when they’re trying to attract a self-employed/small business audience.

Do you want to identify strategic organisational outcomes or set goals, targets and intentions?

Don’t talk like a politician if you want to attract down to earth business owners.

People aren’t buying

🚫 People blaming lack of sales on a limited, regurgitated belief that people are reluctant to buy in the current climate.

“Look at *why* you’re not selling and make adjustments instead of excuses.”

Cash hasn’t disappeared.

People are still buying.

Money is still circulating.

Look at *why* you’re not selling and make adjustments instead of excuses.

Maybe you just need to stop trying to find caviar in Greggs!

Need versus want

🚫 People putting ‘need’ ahead of ‘want’ when it comes to creating products/services.

Buyers will always go for what they WANT over and above what they NEED.

If you’re in the service industry, this means you need to create excitement/fun around what could be otherwise dull business areas.

For instance…

1) People *need* to work on an integrated marketing strategy to build their foothold in their chosen industry.

People *want* to stop feeling stressed about funnels, algorithms, boilerplates and starchy strategies and learn to have fun building their personal brand.

They *want* to be showing off their expertise, helping other people, making amazing contacts, getting brilliant feedback and recommendations and attracting new clients into their awesome business.

Doesn’t matter whether we’re talking social media, adwords, blogs, video, PR or newsletters – it needs to stop feeling like a chore and start feeling exciting!

2) People *need* to step up to the plate, lead, be seen as an expert in their field. So much pressure!

People *want* to feel confident, empowered, valued and respected.

See the difference? Stop being rigid, start being relatable.

If you see someone doing well in business and perceive they’re not serious enough, while you’re worrying about paying your bills and scrabbling down the back of the sofa for loose change, you probably need to adjust your attitude.

“Serious business does not need to be serious – particularly if you’re aiming at the self-employed arena.”

Drop your ego. Get real.

Serious business does not need to be serious – particularly if you’re aiming at the self-employed arena.


🚫 People drastically underestimating the amount of concerted effort it takes to fill events/create clients/get your products and services noticed.

You need to get visible and do it regularly.

Aim to become a household name – yes – that level of effort!

If you have 100 likes on your Facebook page, that does not mean it will be easy to sell 100 tickets to a webinar. Or 50. Or 25. Or even 10.

If you get a bit of PR coverage, you won’t suddenly have clients battering down your door.

If you get 25 people to an event, it doesn’t mean the same 25 will come to your next one… you need to keep on expanding your visibility and reach and stop fishing in a small pond.

‘Proper’ work delusions

🚫 People saying they don’t have time to ‘mess around’ on social media – they need to be doing ‘proper’ business instead.

Off you go then. Do your proper business. Leave those of us messing around in social to hoover up all the opportunities. Fine by us.


You need to get clear about the outcome you want to create then MAKE THAT HAPPEN. If it hasn’t happened yet, you have more work to do.

I could go on. There’s way more to say here, but I’d be rambling for weeks.

I hope this paints a useful picture.



Have YOU fallen foul of limiting beliefs during the lockdown? What needs to change for you?

If I can help, shout!




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