Someone on LinkedIn asked how I felt about people copying my content.  

They believed someone was plagiarising their ideas and thought I might be able to give them a steer.  

Apparently, they‘d seen people ‘copying’ my content, so wondered how I dealt with it.

Honestly, I hadn’t noticed. I know sometimes people take inspiration from my posts, or style, but is that copying?

If I’m inspiring people to try things, that’s great, isn’t it?

I know I’ve found myself taking inspiration from others before now and creating / amending my own content as a result. Haven’t we all?

If someone is genuinely plagiarising, though, that’s a different situation.

I’ve only been aware of it once; I contacted the individual directly and we had a grown-up conversation.

When it comes to content/style, we need to recognise the difference between people taking inspiration from our work and blatant plagiarism.

If it’s not so much your content as your actions they’re following, it’ll never be a direct copy, because they’re not you.

So, is it really a problem, or are you being triggered by their apparent audacity?

Think of it this way: they’ll never be first to the top of the mountain by following the guide.

And if they’re really trying to be a carbon copy of you, they’ll only ever be in fancy dress!

What do you think? Are you making enough of an impact to inspire others to want to be like you when they grow up?

Until next time,


Taz X 
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