There’s an old story about a monk and a young chap seeking wisdom.

Wanting to find himself and attain enlightenment, the young man approached the monk and asked how long it would take him to reach that place of inner peace.

The monk thought for a moment, before replying: “You should be able to get there in about ten years.”

Eager to reach his goal, the man insisted that he would really apply himself and work hard to achieve an enlightened state.

The old monk smiled and amended his answer: “In that case, it should take you about 20 years.”

By now, the young man was getting frustrated. Knuckles white, he spoke through gritted teeth: “You don’t understand. I really want this. I will work day and night, I will tirelessly pursue enlightenment. If I commit to this 100%, how quickly will I be able to reach enlightenment?”

The old monk nodded and answered: “With that attitude, I believe you may get there in 35 years.”

It might seem flippant, but there’s a similar story for coaches who want more clients.

Too many try to flog processes, programmes and high-ticket offers before they’ve even built an audience.

The more their desperation sets in, the more they start popping up on social media, and networking events, with more and more exciting new opportunities for people.

The more people refuse to bite, the more they’re convinced they need to create better programmes, push harder sales messages or start bombarding everyone in their contacts book to just get bums on seats for that launch event.

The more they do this, the longer it takes.

People can smell desperation a mile away. Even if Covid stole their ability to sniff the flowers. Desperation has a pungency that permeates the most impenetrable barriers. There is no stench like it.

If you need more clients, you have to start with serving power-fully and building relationships.

The more you go all gung ho and try to bypass like, know and trust to grab for the cash, the longer it will take.

I promise you, no matter how many sharks with dazzling smiles insist you need their funnels, blueprints and tried and tested seven-figure solutions, what you really need is to build trust, credibility and relationships.

Serve more. Sell less. When you truly master that, the sales will come much more easily.

Enjoy the journey – you became a coach to help people, didn’t you? Do that!

Until next time,
Taz X
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