One of my coaching pals posed this question a few weeks ago. 

Not only that, but can people still afford it and isn’t the market too saturated? 

My answers, in order: 

A) Yes 

B) Yes 

C) The market is saturated with crap coaches, not good ones – they’re still rarer than rocking horse shit. 

That last statement might sound a little harsh, but bear with me… 

I’m not saying all coaches are pants. What I am saying is that, because the barriers to entering the profession are so low, every woman and her dog seem to be saying they’re a coach. 

Maybe they’ve bought a ten quid coaching ‘diploma’ from the internet. 

Maybe they’ve just decided they’re good at talking to people or that everyone’s always come to them with problems, so they might as well get paid. 

Maybe they’ve thought, ‘Everybody else is doing it, so why can’t I?’ and leapt onto the bandwagon. 

Or, maybe, they’ll be an awesome coach someday, but right now, they’re really green and still learning the art of deep coaching. It does take time to get to a high level. 

The point is, calling oneself a coach is similar to calling oneself a speaker – there’s nothing to stop anyone from doing it, it seems like a really cool option, and there’ve been plenty of people flogging quick win masterclasses for the past few years. 

You’ve spoken at a business networking event, right? 

You’re a speaker. You’ve taken a half-hour training session via Zoom? You’re a speaker. 

You’ve set up your own Facebook group? You’re a social media coach. 

You’ve been through a few rocky times and come through relatively unscathed? You’re a life coach. 

Get the picture? 

Remember, there are levels of development and expertise for everything, and you can’t always tell from someone’s bio whether they’re in conscious incompetence, unconscious incompetence, conscious competence or unconscious competence. 

There are NOT too many coaches. There ARE lots of people calling themselves coaches who, perhaps, aren’t at the level you’d expect from a coach you’d want to hire. 

Ditto speakers. 

If you’re good at what you do, stop comparing yourself to others online, stop wondering if the market’s too saturated, and get out there and make a difference. 

Lead by example. 

Grow your business by showing up and being bloody awesome! 

And, for goodness sake, start demonstrating your expertise and stop hiding the till! 

Until next time, 
Taz X
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