Happy April Fools’ Day 

You can read on safely – I promise. I might be a pink prankster at heart, but I’m skipping the trickery for awesome business advice this year. I will be talking about business fools though… Yesterday, I delivered my first business show keynote since before lockdown. I’m headlining every Great British Expo this year – check dates and book your tickets HERE.

It was a full house – an extra row of seats brought in and standing room only. In fact, the only empty seat was the one I’d been sitting in!

That’s one of my favourite feelings – a packed room full of people whose lives and businesses I can positively impact.

Here’s where the foolery comes in…

I started out by asking people what they wanted to get from the show. It was the breakfast keynote, so there were lots of exhibitors in the room.

The usual answers came out… more business, networking, connections.

I asked them to think about what visitors would be looking for – beyond free pens and a day out of the office.

I asked them to think about what makes people tick, what creates connection, how they’d stay front of mind.

The fools in business believe customers will buy based on a slick presentation, fancy logo, price and, of course, free pens.

The switched on businesses recognise the power of connection. Forget B2B or B2C – it’s all about H2H: Human To Human.

I shared some of my BreakDOWN to BreakTHROUGH story, and a few snippets from my Breaking My Back Led To Growing A Spine keynote, then circled right back around to the power of story and human connection.

Lightbulbs all around the room. They got it. No fools in that room!

When you’re building relationships with people, strip off the 90s style business starch and be human.

Go for those topics that bypass the veneer and go straight to the heart. Pets. Workout regime. Hobbies. Interests. Family. Food.

Take an interest.

Be useful.

Leave them feeling absolutely heard AND in the place of possibility.

That’s what’ll keep ‘em coming back AND recommending you.

Go on.

Break with tradition.

Screw the LinkedIn police.

Share the kitten pics.

Share the dog selfies (here’s one of mine with our eldest, Tilly 🥰).

You’ll be the one building a tribe and winning.

Until next time,


Taz X

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