In a world where consumers are pushing for less BS and more authenticity, why are so many coaches hiding their prices? The day of the ‘upsell’ phone call is dead and buried — it’s time to build more trust in your brand.

Can you imagine going to the supermarket and not being able to see any prices? You want to buy something, but you need to find the manager and ask how much every item costs.

Maybe you just want a four pack of own-brand baked beans, but the store manager has other plans.

He cleverly corners you, between the spaghetti hoops and tinned tomatoes, and begins to extol the virtues of premium beans instead.

Why would you only want four cans, he asks? It’s a false economy. If you buy 50, you’ll be stocked up and won’t need to pop back for more next week, so you’ll save on the fuel cost AND your precious time.

You can’t afford it? Can you afford NOT to give yourself this expansive taste experience? Can you afford to keep wasting your time and money driving to and from the supermarket?

Get that credit card out, right now. Borrow from your loved ones if you need to — this is your future we’re talking about!

Crazy, innit?

It’s a ridiculous scenario, isn’t it? And yet, it’s one we fall into with our own products and services fairly frequently.

Though I’m focusing on the coaching profession in this article, there will be countless other industries the same will apply to. The age old sales technique of keeping your prices hidden, so you can upsell people on the phone.

I don’t know about you, but if there’s something I want to buy — including the services of someone I’d like to work with — I want to know, up front, how much it will cost me.

I don’t want to hop onto a ‘free’ discovery call to find out whether we’re a ‘good fit’ — especially when, all too often, that actually translates into ‘how much money can you give me?’.

Discovery calls, as they’re known, are never actually FREE. Unless, of course, you put absolutely no value on your own time, in which case it’s no wonder you’re searching for a coach!

Discovery calls, as they’re known, are never actually FREE. Unless, of course, you put absolutely no value on your own time, in which case it’s no wonder you’re searching for a coach!

If I’m going to work with someone, I want to know how much I need to account for and, even if it feels a little out of reach right now, I want a figure in mind, so I can set my intention and manifest/earn the amount I need to book those sessions in future.


Nothing puts me off working with someone faster than discovering their pricing structures are hidden behind some magical wall that I need to make an appointment on a Google calendar to unlock.

No thanks.

That, for me, has sent a massive sledgehammer hurtling through the trust I’d built up for that coach and the chance of me working with them has shifted from 100% to a big, fat ZERO.

There is really only ONE reason anyone would hide their pricing structures. Okay, maybe there are two, but I’m splitting hairs…

  1. They’re afraid their prices will put you off, so they need to get you onto a call to convince you.
  2. They believe they’ll be able to persuade you to spend more than you initially intended if they can just get you onto a call.

In either case, I’m turned off. I have ‘DISINGENUOUS’ flashing up behind my eyes, in big, neon lights, and a nasty taste in my mouth.

To show, or not to show?

Now, it may be, dear reader, that you have been encouraged to take your prices off your website by your very own coaching guru. In which case, you need to make a decision based on what feels right FOR YOU, and how YOU feel about making a purchase when you have no idea of the price tag.

Some years ago, the same thing happened to me.

I employed the services of a self-proclaimed expert in all things coaching and the first thing she told me to do was take those prices off my website.

“Darling,” she drawled, in a hugely affected accent, “You’ll have no business. Nobody’s going to approach you if they’ve seen those prices — you’re pushing people away. You need to take those off your website, straight away, and encourage discovery calls instead.”

Honestly, for about two days, I took her advice and took my prices down. It felt very, very wrong — like wearing a pair of knickers two sizes too small — nobody else would have known about my discomfort, but I sure was squirming.

It didn’t take long for me to come to my senses, and I soon unpicked my faux pas.

As it turned out, that ‘coaching’ was one of the worst experiences of my career so far (you can read about it HERE), but it also delivered some amazing lessons in how NOT to run my business.


Ever since that time, my prices have been clearly displayed on my website. And I have a thriving practice. Guess what people often say to me? “It’s so good to be able to check out your prices and packages online before getting in touch. It makes choosing to work with you so much easier.”

Prices on website = instant trust.

It doesn’t turn people off — it just filters out those who are not yet in a position to take up your service offerings, and that, of course, means you’re not wasting your time on discovery calls with people who aren’t able to become your clients.

If you’ve been hiding your prices, I’d encourage you to have a real heart-think about your reasons for doing so. And if you really think you need to upsell every client, isn’t it time you started putting their requirements ahead of your empire-building? Just a thought.

Until next time,




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