Years ago, I thought I was playing full out. I was co-running a full-service digital media and PR business, not only offering a ‘done for you’ service, but running training events and coaching people to do it themselves.

We were forever encouraging people to tell the stories behind their businesses, not just to focus on the sales messages, but to share more of themselves – their experiences, their learnings, their passion, their vision.

Years later, when a video I recorded went viral, I realised I’d barely been walking my talk… and I’d had no idea!

I really stepped into vulnerability in that video. I spoke deeply, and honestly, about my past hurts for the first time, sharing my life lessons and my hopes for the future.

I thought I’d selected the ‘friends only’ privacy setting on Facebook. I was wrong!

Panicking, my finger hovered over the delete button, but when messages started to come in – from people I did not know – saying my video had saved lives, I knew I had to let it fly.

I learned a really important lesson that day. No, not the one about people buying people, though that is true. I learned that, all too often, when we believe we’ve experienced something enough to form a solid opinion, learned something enough to believe we’re an expert, known someone for long enough to believe we know all their secrets, we may well have barely scratched the surface.

Before that video, I genuinely believed I was being so honest, so open, I was making myself metaphorically naked in my social posts.

In reality, I was barely taking my socks off!

If that beautiful mistake had not happened, my life would not have unfolded as it has. I wouldn’t have written those books, spoken on those stages, positively impacted so many lives and businesses.

Fulfilment and ‘success’ opened up to a whole new level when I stepped up to a whole new level – even if that was unintentional.

Before that beautiful mistake, I thought I knew, I thought I was master of my craft. I thought my little hill was a mountain!

And so, from today, I want you to start considering how much you really know and how much might become possible if you were courageous enough to open your heart and mind to possibility.

If you’ve been on a plane, that does not mean you’ve experienced the birdlike freedom of flying.

If you’ve holidayed in Florida, it doesn’t mean you know the USA.

If you’ve been on a weekend Reiki course, it doesn’t mean you’re a spiritual master.

If you’ve looked at asparagus in the supermarket, but never actually tasted it, you cannot possibly know you don’t like it.

If you’ve watched the first episode of a hit series, you haven’t seen enough to decide it’s not for you.

If you’ve had an exploratory call with a coach, or even paid for a series of sessions, it might not mean you’ve experienced the true power of coaching.

If you’ve done some speaker training, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a professional speaker.

And if you’ve never really shared much beyond sales messages and snaps from a photoshoot, you probably haven’t harnessed the potential of personal brand, storytelling and deeply connecting with your audience, understood the magic of power-full messaging or even barely begun to reap the rewards.

Sometimes we wholeheartedly believe we’ve been there, done it and got the T-shirt.

Most of the time, we’ve barely had a foot in the game.

Open your heart. Open your mind. There’s more for you in this world than you ever dared to imagine.

Until next time,


Taz X
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