There’s an old saying that goes: “If you throw enough shit at a wall, some of it will stick.”

I’ve always thought it to be about the power of perseverance, though some look at it differently and feel it relates to people being badmouthed.

Here’s the thing…

No matter how good you are, how pure your intentions, how well-meaning, there will be some who dislike you or, at least, your opinions.

There will always be some who reflect back negativity or deal in half-truths and mischief, and there will always be some who feel attracted to that energy and add to the cluster.

We could spend weeks dissecting the whys… it’s just part of the human condition.

The need some have to be liked is part of that same human condition, and the propensity to feel it all personally is a chapter in the same book.

Yeah, sure, we can work on ourselves.

We can spend a lifetime getting to know ourselves inside and out, understanding the truth of who we are so that the words of others can’t really hurt us.

In the meantime, we need to understand and accept that some people can be in a meadow full of beautiful flowers and concentrate only on the manure.

Sometimes, if people really want to find shit, they’ll see it – even if it doesn’t exist.

The people who see it with them or spot it when they point it out are usually people on a similar wavelength.

The people who know you, the people who care about you, the people you want on your team… they’ll see the flowers. Put your focus there.

After all, even if we go back to that original old saying, the worst case is a great big wall with a few specks of muck on it.

Focus on the big, clear canvas instead of a few little blots on the landscape.

Until next time,


Taz X