MOANINGWe’ve all seen *those* social media updates. The ones that are non-specific, deliberately vague and either designed to hit out at someone without naming them or just get an entire friends list worried about you and offering support.

Trouble is, they’re a bit like the story of the boy who cried wolf. Sooner or later, your friends list will tire of seeing them and you might find yourself being unfollowed.

Let’s try being a bit more authentic. If you need a virtual hug, ask for one. If you want some support, ask for it. If you’re pissed off with someone/something, be a grown up and sort it out – Facebook probably isn’t the place for it. 

Stop giving your power away. Stop moaning about the situation and start owning it and doing something about it… your real friends will be there to support you without passive/aggressive Facebook updates.


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