If you’d asked about my purpose a few years back, I’d have responded with a well-practised line about helping you to #UnleashYourAwesome.

This week, I was on an onboarding call with an awesome coach who was interested in taking the last available place on my #ProjectArtemis programme.

When she asked about my mission, I found it had evolved.

My answer went something like this: “I’m here to find and support the people who’ve been put here to serve. There are too many good coaches in the world who are feeling burned out, who’ve spent thousands with the shiny marketing gurus, and feel nothing’s working.

“I’m here to provide scaffolding and support for the people who are here to do good, to inspire, to motivate, to leave a positive footprint on the world, but need help to make their business mission viable.

“I’m here to give them the tools, resources and encouragement they need to fulfil their soul mission and help turn this world around, after greed and power has monopolised for so long.

“We need more goodness, more optimism, more heart-led, service-focused coaches and healers to restore the balance. That’s what I’m here to support.”

The words tumbled from my mouth without a second thought, and they felt absolutely right.

Am I here to #UnleashYourAwesome? You bet I am, but it runs deeper than that. It’s about the support and belief, energy and direction, clarity and determination to underpin the work we need to do in the world.

We need to stop focusing on the gloss, stop believing the slick, cash-draining, more-more-more mongering on Fakebook, Instaglam and Diktok, and get right back to our foundations.

Why are we here? Why are we drawn to doing this beautiful work? How do we make that happen?

Work for the purpose, not for the purse.

You deserve to be rewarded richly for your service in the world, absolutely but don’t make the Ferrari and Mulberry bag your driving force.

They’re a bonus, not the bones.

When did you last check in with your purpose? Has it evolved?

Until next time,


Taz X
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