If you have someone in your life, right now, who seems to be sticking the knife in, attempting to trip you at every turn, perhaps spitting ugly words as soon as your back is turned, this week’s Business is for you.  

It won’t be very long, because I don’t want to give too much energy to negativity, self-doubt or the paranoia that can breed, even within the most beautiful of people.  

Instead, I want to remind you to believe in yourself.  

I want to remind you that when other people hurl virtual punches in your direction, more often than not it has more to do with them than you.  

I want to remind you that there really is no such thing as a superiority complex – there’s only ever an inferiority complex. Think about that one. It’s true.  

If someone around you feels the need to keep picking, pokingand stirring up dirt for you, you need to find a way to not take their poison to heart. Because it really is theirs and it can only hurt you if you swallow it down and allow it to flood your system.  

What’s more, you must not allow their issues to create toxins all your own.

Don’t grab onto those negative emotions you feel and anchor them into your own body and energy. Observe your feelings, learn from them, breathe them out of your system and allow them to pass by. They’re just thoughts and emotions – that’s all – they do not need to define you, mould you or create your future.  

You cannot possibly understand everything that’s going on for the other person – or people. You have no idea what’s happened in their life to create the lens through which they see the world. Even if they’ve shared details with you, broken bread with you, you’ll never really know what it’s like to walk around inside their skin. What’s more, it doesn’t always have to be your job to ‘save’ them.  

Maybe you’ve done something to upset your nemesis. Maybe not. If you’ve done all you can, if you’ve tried to step into your ‘higher self’ and work things out as an adult, if you can look yourself in the eye and know you’ve done your best, well, that’s really all you can do.  

You cannot force someone to like you.  

You cannot force someone to forgive you – regardless of whether you’ve really stepped out of line or their perception is skewed.  

You cannot force someone to stop being cruel, mean or downright rude.  

You cannot force someone to stop shooting shadow arrows in your direction.  

Stand up, my friend. Realise your own amazing place in this world. Recognise that the brave, the truthful, the outspoken, the passionate and the compassionate, those who challenge, or those who just think a little differently often unwittingly rattle the cages confining those with less courage, less self-belief, less self-love, less of a mission. Don’t allow yourself to fall into the same pattern of hatred – it’s a trap; remember that old adage about holding onto a hot coal in the hope that it might burn someone else.  

There is sometimes a need for compromise in this life, but you must never, never, ever compromise who you are.

Not for anyone.  

Use your energy wisely. You do not always need to fight. Sometimes it’s wiser to put down the gloves, accept the teachings being supplied by the universe and put that energy towards getting to know the truth of who you are even more and, perhaps, learning to love yourself and accept yourself a little more in the face of adversity.  

As someone very wise once told me: “Sometimes, if the energy of a place cannot be cleared by you alone, it is best to leave the area.”

I think we might sometimes apply that same rule to people and situations.

Until next time,


Taz X