☝️Chances are, nobody’s gonna tell you that. Nobody’s going to want to hurt your feelings, or risk denting your confidence.

If you’ve been extolling the virtues of your coaching, and the person you’re talking to is nodding politely, giving you that small, tight smile, but showing no interest in committing, it might not be because nobody’s buying right now.

Because – GUESS WHAT? – people ARE buying.

It might be because they have no need for your expertise, in which case you’ve probably not been asking the right questions before spilling your pitch.

That’s a relatively easy fix.

Worse, though, they might really need your skills, but your masks are turning them off.

For something as intimate as coaching (because it is, isn’t it? Two people agreeing to be absolutely honest with one another on a regular basis…), people need to see the real YOU.

Not only that, but YOU need to be in flow, fully engaged, fully committed to sharing your vibe and helping people to feel the potential of working with you.

I experienced this for the gazillionth time recently. A coach, who clearly knew their stuff, telling me about their programmes and coaching prowess, but with no energy, enthusiasm or sense of self.

No drive. No passion. No ‘va va voom’.

Another ‘cardboard coach’, probably doing exactly what they’d been told to do, with no guidance about showing THEMSELVES in the process.

✅ Taking off the masks

✅ Being real

✅ Stepping into your power, leading from your heart, your gut AND your brain

✅ Getting really comfortable in your past, your present, your future and in your own skin

Those things all matter.

❌ Coaching isn’t a profession for pretending. It’s not all funnels and marketing and blueprints.

Coaching, done well, is about REAL people, with REAL expertise and credibility, helping others to get REAL and build REAL success, in whichever areas of their lives and business they’re ready to focus on.

I’ve met so many coaches, all with expertise and certificates coming out of their armpits, but who have neglected the most important parts…

⚠️ They haven’t worked on themselves.

⚠️ They haven’t worked out who they are.

⚠️ They haven’t connected with their passion and purpose.

⚠️They’ve skilled up their brain-knowledge, but neglected to work on their heart, their soul, their gut, their story, their truth.

And when that happens, no matter how many coaching techniques and tools they have up their sleeves, potential clients just aren’t gonna feel a connection and won’t feel called to work with them.

If that’s you, it’s okay. It’s never too late to start doing the work.

You know that old saying about oak trees, right? The best time to plant one was 20 years ago; the second best time is NOW.

Are people feeling your vibe enough, or are you delivering scripts and pushing out emails and lead magnets like a robot?

Until next time,#UnleashYourAwesome

Taz X