You’ve done everything the ‘experts’ told you to do – followed their ‘blueprint’ to the letter.

You’ve spent weeks creating lead magnets, shared promo posts on everything from LinkedIn to TikTok, and set up a brand spanking new Facebook community to house all those people enticed by your offer.

The big day comes. Your automatic payments system is good to go!

And then…


You had some bites for the freebies, but nobody wants to pay for your expertise.

It’s too much money.

They don’t have time.

Maybe later in the year.

Etc, etc

The biggest issue – the one nobody’s telling you about – is the need for patience.

Lack of patience + desperation for cash = failed launches.

You cannot have a party without people

500 people in your Facebook group will not equate to 500 sales.

People who queue up for freebies are not necessarily the same people who will part with their cash.

Ever been at a business expo on the last day? Seen people going around the stands, collecting freebies? Furry logo bugs, pens, coasters, stress balls, branded USB drives.

They’ll walk out with carrier bags bulging with free stuff.

How much do you reckon they’ll be spending with the brands they grabbed free stuff from?

This is not to say freebies don’t work… it’s more about recognising who you’re aiming them at.

1) Are you aiming at the right audience? There’s no point marketing to Greggs people if you’re trying to sell a three course meal at The Ivy.

2) Have you spent long enough building trust, credibility and connection with the audience your programme is designed for? And have you checked your price point is in the right zone for that audience?

You can attract people with freebies.

They’re not always gonna convert.

They can help to build your mailing list, and create awesome advocates (we all need more of those!), but those attracted by freebies are not always going to buy into your pay-to-play options.

You are not a Pot Noodle

Very often, when someone tells me they’re doing everything ‘right’ and nothing’s happening, it comes down to a couple of things:

  1. You’ve been caught in someone’s ‘desperation marketing’ snare. Someone after a fast buck has targeted people (usually newbie/wannabe coaches) and promised the earth. With just one quick swipe of your credit card, they’ll unlock everything you need to become a professional coach AND be earning thousands within the first six months.

The trouble with that? Business doesn’t work that way. For the majority, it takes three to five years before decent profit margins appear.

  1. You need to work on your patience, brand and reputation. Lots of freebie-grabbing but no bankable rewards very often means you’ve tried to skip the steps and hoped that downloadable ebook/meditation/video course would be enough to create instant clients. It’s not that easy. You are not a Pot Noodle. There really are no ways to just add water and create instant cashflow.

If you’re good at what you do and your products and services genuinely help and serve, the world needs you more than ever.

Dig deep. Keep going. Keep adding knowledge, visibility, good coaching and patience to your mix, and you’ll get there.

How do I know? Because that’s what happened for me, and I see it happening for my clients all the time. Patience pays in the end.