I’ve spent most of today with my feet up.I’m writing this from the garden swing, shade tilted just enough to keep the sun out of my eyes and my screen readable, puppy lounging on top of me.Here’s my current view… 
It’s Tuesday afternoon. Ordinarily, I would have been to the gym, run a few errands and caught up on admin. However, thanks to a Gladys-related injury (read about it here if you missed it), I’ve been all about the RICE – Rest Ice Compress Elevate. This is my sixth week away from PT sessions after a back injury. I was given the okay to tentatively go back this week and, wow, was I looking forward to it?! Not the actual working out part – I don’t enjoy that much, tbh – it’s more about the feeling of achievement I get afterwards, the release of endorphins and the benefits to my mental and emotional health. And some cracking conversations with my trainer, obvs – Gemma’s the best. This morning, re-wrapping a foot so swollen my ankle bone’s disappeared, I had a proper pity party. Why weren’t things going my way? Why does something keep getting in the way of my health and fitness? Why did I have to go and sprain my ankle two days before headline keynoting a business expo in London? It’s just not fair! Waah! Waah! Waah! But then, I had a word with myself. Enough already, Taz. Slap some mardy cream on and make the most of not moving about much. And that’s how I came to be here. Working from our peaceful garden, a gentle breeze whispering through the leaves of our Gingko tree, our beautiful golden Buddha statue emitting a sense of calm, an olive tree, Athena, Artemis, Bacchus, Poseidon, Asclepius and Hephaestus looking down on me from our Greek corner, our collection of green men and women smiling from the fence line, and Gladys, the cause of my current frustration, fluffballing at my feet. All in all, if I let go of the thoughts I think I should be having about my temporary predicament and just be in the moment, I feel pretty blissful. The birds are singing. Grandfather Sun is shining. I’m surrounded by love. And I’m ridiculously grateful. If we’re not careful, our thoughts can trip us up. If we don’t watch out for those sneaky traps our mind can steer us into, we can end up spiralling needlessly. Another week or so out of the gym? So what? It’s not the end of the world. A bit of physical discomfort? I’m not gonna die. I’ve a tribe full of healers and a wife who loves me unconditionally – I’m well cared for. And if I really am still in pain by Thursday, worst case? We’ve a pair of crutches I can use. I don’t want to, but they’re there. All is well. The only thing that could change that would be my mindset. Always remember… just because you have a thought, it doesn’t mean that’s what you need to think! Flip your negatives. There’s always a way. Until next time,  #UnleashYourAwesome Taz x
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