Well, that’s November done.

And that means we’re about to be bombarded with the predictable messages about getting those new year offers ready, making sure you’re showing up in that ‘dead’ time between Christmas and New Year, and keeping that marketing machine well-oiled when others are winding down.

In short, don’t rest. If you take too much time off, your competitors will leap into the gap and be front of mind for all those potential clients, while you fade into oblivion in a haze of Brussel sprouts fumes and tattered Christmas cracker hats.

I used to be in marketing and PR. I used to be one of the asshats churning out this torrent of fearmongering ‘show up or die’ BS.

Worse still… I used to believe it!

These days, with the benefit of experience and a couple of burnouts under my belt, I’m determined to send out the entirely opposite message.

The festive season provides THE best opportunity for most in business to properly switch off.

Off-off. It’s like out-out, but with comfier footwear and no hangover.

Listen, if you’ve been doing a good enough job of showing up throughout the year, being of service, sharing messages that people actually want to listen to and engage with, your business will not freeze over if you take a few good weeks off.

In fact, take more than that if you can. Everything’s still gonna be there, waiting for you, when you get back.

Statistically, we’re starting to see that mental and emotional health levels have been going through the floor since the pandemic and lockdowns. Shocker, eh?

Anecdotally, I can tell you I’ve supported more people through mental and emotional health crises than ever before this year.

We’re all forcing ourselves through the motions with our battery lights blinking. It’s madness! We need to stop. Recharge. Unwind. Let go. Be human.

And if we really want to take this burnout pandemic seriously, heal ourselves and start 2024 with a healthier attitude, we all need to be leading by example.

What’s the good in me talking about the importance of self care if I’m not walking my talk?

What’s the point of you purporting to care for others if you’re not taking care of yourself?

So, this December, I’m planning to down tools on the 19th, and I’m not heading back into the office until January 11.

I’m not scheduling a shedload of posts, except (perhaps) the uplifting prompts for people hanging out in Inspiration Tribe and, maybe, my usual New Year message… you know the one (yep, see point one!)

I don’t care how much the marketing ‘gurus’ bleat about constant visibility – I refuse to clog up your inboxes with more messages you won’t have time to digest properly in the glut of ‘New Year, New You’ and Boxing Day sales spam.

More than that, though… I don’t WANT you to be thinking about work in this precious downtime.

I’m actively encouraging you to put down your phone, switch off your emails and chill the duck out! (Side note, I very rarely mean ‘duck’!)

I know we can’t all stop – there are millions of good people on call for emergencies, and I take my hat off to you all. Thank you so much for all that you do.


If that’s not you…

If you CAN schedule a longer break for yourself between December and January…

Please, please, do it!

Switch off-off.

Your future self will thank you.

Until next time,


Taz X