Not surprisingly, everyone’s talking about Syria today.

I don’t know what the solution is but, for me, more bombing and more bloodshed feels abhorrent.

People are saying we need to fight fire with fire. Fire doesn’t really work that way though, does it? When we really fight fire with fire, we burn away an area of ground so there’s no longer anything left for the approaching ‘baddy fire’ to burn. That analogy doesn’t really work in war. That analogy means killing everyone the ‘baddy fire’ might kill, so there’s nobody left for it to kill. Wipe out.

That might work on an X-Box platform, perhaps, but then all you need to sacrifice is your score (and maybe some ego) and reset the system to go again.

That doesn’t work here. There’s no reset button on our planet, as far as I’m aware. We can’t just try switching the earth off and on again and see if that clears the virus. Because it’s not a virus. Or, if it is, both sides are infected.

There’s too much spin. Too much hyperbole. Too many words being carefully slipped into our collective unconscious through the world’s media. “Terror”. “Evil”. Terror is an emotional state. You can’t have a war on an emotion. That’s like having a war on happy, or a war on ambivalence. Evil is pretty much a matter of perception and, if we can step back for a moment, expand our thinking, and understand that the extremists are as committed to their work /way of life being “right” as we’re committed to it being “wrong”, we can see that the reverse is also true.

How do we find common ground? Is that even possible? Have we tried hard enough? Or have we just always decided to take out the ones we disagree with? Kill the ones who unsettle our world view. Anyone see the movie The Purge?

And what of all the fear so many of us are experiencing? Why? I was in London a few nights after the Paris attacks. The restaurant I was in was empty. The staff told us people had been staying away since. Tomorrow, I’ll be in London again. Because life goes on… despite an apparent determination for so many (on both sides) to quell it.

So, I don’t have the answers. I only have an opinion. And I know how fighting fire with fire really works. Maybe there’s a reset button after all.

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